The Reigning DJ King (MKV) @Preliminary_Point2...playing some stuff


Nice flow and chorus, Yes



Spin ‘er up, Bakes.


I’d advise against playing that band, unless it’s with Herb Albert.


Never understood how these guys weren’t huge!
A bit rock, a bit grunge, a bit prog, a bit pop.
Maybe a case of too many things…




Maybe a case of being lame. No


Horrible. Free YES

DJ BAAKKEERRRR (third spin)
SONG #1270 It’s love, by King’s X

YES: Kira
NO: Rain, jez,



i knew i shouldnt have …NO


Less than promising. I’d be getting ready for a trundle @TDSpartan


Give me another 2 weeks i have 170km race .ride on my cycle and ill have another crack!


That was farking awful. But I’m feeling generous today so have a free yes



Those singers sure can hold a note. Unfortunately they can’t write a song to save themselves.



Well if that song is indicative, it was probably because they were bog average (and that’s being kind)



I’m out soon til the morning. If this gets bushed someone else spin.


Call an ambulance, my ears are bleeding, I’m feeling nauseous and there is every chance if I had to listen past the minute twenty two I lasted that I would slash my wrists in a depressive frenzy. WTF was that pile of excrement?

NO NO NO NO NO and farking NO



Probably a combination of the drummer’s head and ■■■■ songs. Usually does it.



Know why bands like this aren’t huge? It’s because they’re crap. NO with a high degree of prejudice.


That was genuinely awful.


On the positive, I am hearing something different. But take the choruses out of Farnham, take the hyper-enthusiasm out of the Goodies and you’re left with: No.