The Reigning DJ King (MKV) @Preliminary_Point2...playing some stuff


And LB as well.


He’s got a saxaphone!


I knew I’d heard that tune before, but couldn’t remember where. Sneaked a peak at Wiki. Used as the intro to a Melbourne radio show. OK, yes.




Yep, used to be on 3RRR. WZ is an acquired taste but he has an amazing catalogue. His first album (self titled) I rate as one of my top 5 of all time. Brilliant muso.


Cool. I’ll check out that album over the w/end. Cheers. :sunglasses:

Edit: Found it on Spotify.


That’s not a good version of that song at all but it is a decent song by a very good artist. First ball YES


I thought it was one his David Letterman versions, when I grabbed it from you tube :slightly_frowning_face:


Is it against the rules to edit a better version in?


Nope. Go ahead.


That was very, very ordinary.

First ball yes.


I remember him now. He is the ‘Werewolves of London’ dude.


Werewolves is from the album Excitable Boy. Another great album.




That’s better.


Absolutely have a yes


First ball YES

DJ Hoffy (first spin)
SONG #1274 Lawyers, Guns and Money, by Warren Zevon

YES: Rain, RC, ham, Peos, LB, Kira



Sometimes it’s not a case of voting on the song, it’s whether or not the you think the DJ should get another chance to spin. I did not like this song, but the set should not end here. Yes




Sorry, was out and couldn’t nominate. Wish I had been able to in order to avoid that.

Massive, mildly bitter no.