The Reigning DJ King (MKV) @Preliminary_Point2...playing some stuff

Doesn’t always happen swiftly these days. Took me a good couple of hours to get finished off the other day

Real McCoy did it better.
That may be the most horrible thing I’ve said to anyone ever.

I’m sorry, but no.

Jesus! You brute!!

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I vote @anastasios1979 to get a 2hr set at the DJ thread party!


Love Real McCoy! So thats no insult. Not sure what upsets you about them. Was going to play a Real McCoy song just to trigger you. :blush:

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Unfortunately I would leave in the first few minutes from any dj thread party with the music that gets played here :grinning:


They forced grunge to happen.
That’s the best thing I can say about them.

Edit: I know the times don’t add up and they were happening simultaneously.
I friggin’ hate Real McCoy.
I’ve been listening to ‘alt’ Australian since I’ve been home.
Apple Eyes.
Just Ace.
Cigarettes Will Kill You.
Things of that nature.
And you played that, which was so much…the opposite of what I was listening to while still being at the same time and it didn’t go well.

Which is unfortunate…but to me it was always a choice between grunge or edm; edm won out for me. See you edited your comment to agree.

Come on, man.
That Italo House piano sound was played.
Freedom ‘90 was released in…you know…1990.

Edit: And it was trailing then!

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I’m with Gene Simmonds on Grunge.

Never been a big fan of early Italian piano house but you’re right about that.

@Diggers time for a spin?

That’s a very generous offer but I had a spin not long ago.

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@Clark_Griswold continue at B?


I’m about to tear up!

Give me a moment to dust off the collection…


I’ve missed several months if posts…just kick me off if I repeat something.


PS. Please notify me if anyone wants to go next.

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Was a little bit disappointed that it wasn’t Barbie Girl but really liked it.


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I know that maybe we were cruel to you last time…I really don’t remember what it was you played or if I even voted yes/no for it.

What I do know is that if it was anything like this torpid piece of crap, it got what it deserved.

Have a first ball NO!!!

Welcome home @Clark_Griswold :slight_smile:


Love @Clark_Griswold, love Gus Gus.