The Reigning DJ King (MKV) @Preliminary_Point2...playing some stuff


I remember switching on Recovery or one of those shows in the mid 90’s and there was this bearded guy in a flannelette shirt and torn jeans performing an overly produced song about about sadness and it was right at that moment that I knew rock and grunge in particular had jumped the shark.

If I had a gun, I would have shot the tv.


Grew on me so have a yes


Yeah, I don’t disagree with your sentiment in part but won’t accept that all grunge was awful.
And I certainly don’t take much notice of Gene Simmons.
Grunge was bad for business. Pure and simple. And business is all that has mattered to Team Gene for 35 years. And Team Paul for that matter…






How are Ellen & the kids? And Aunt Edna?


Zero was released in ‘96.
Just sayin’.


somebody mention italo house


The resident expert hehe


That song was a bit rubbish. Yes


Ellen, well she’s the love of my life. My rock.

I just got Rusty a new telescope for his birthday, but I’m pretty sure he’s using it to spy on the neighbours when changing.

Audrey just got dumped, so she’s moody, and binge-eating.

And Aunt Edna? (crosses self)…may she rest in peace…the service was beautiful…closed casket of course, as a bit of rot got in when she was on the car roof.


Brilliant. :rofl:

Great to have you back, Sparky.




Second ball YES




Oasis lite (and ■■■■■). Welcome back Sparky. yes


wtf, I thought you could swear in brackets. ■■■■


That was horrible. So I don’t know why I’m doing this but have a yes.


I liked it. I also like that you have the guts to play something you could be almost certain everyone would can.

Have a big encouraging Yes.


This thread is sending my therapy back months.


(Anyone wants to DJ next, like the bottom of this post)


what have i done

Actually - don’t mind it.
ava yes.