The Reigning DJ King (MKV) @Preliminary_Point2...playing some stuff




I’m finished…completed “B” to “I”…that’s my longest run.

So, can someone please nominate and take over? I don’t know who is most deserving…If you haven’t been DJ for a few weeks or more, then please come forward and just start playing…


8 spin return, Sparky. Top stuff. I really dig your theme. Trust you’ll stick around, dude.

@AVanderScreamer - you mentioned having a set ready. Keen to spin?

Otherwise, @Kj_11 or others.


Voted out in spite of being “on fire” harsh…


It’s no holds barred here in the DJ thread.



I hate this song but first ball yes.


Yeh, I’m busy AF ATM and it’s interfering with my DJ thread experience! Hopefully I’ll get my mojo back for Christmas and in the New Year return to my regular, orderly and chipper DJ thread persona :slight_smile:

First ball YES


Straight YES…I like the song


Yep, works for me.


This was out around the same time as “No Aphrodisiac” and “You Sound Like Louis Burdette”, right?
I’ve got this vague recollection of hating all 3 them more or less concurrently, as they got thrashed to buggery on Dribble J.
Absolutely NO!!




Your new avatar seriously rocks. I’m kinda jealous. :joy:

‘ave a yes for stepping up, KJ. Cheers.


Gawd no


KJ has a bit of a soft spot for turn of the century one hit wonders. Teenage dirtbag now mighty bosstones.

Free yes.




Here’s a late yes. Always enjoyed that track.


Most happy with this song and my impressions of it. Have a totally too late yes @Kj_11and spin another ■■■■■■ song for ■■■■’s sake



Spin again, KJ.