The Reigning DJ King (MKV) @Preliminary_Point2...playing some stuff


Ok, I’ve got nothing left.


So she got back with the guy after you sent her heading back to the pavilion, then got married and had three kids with him, am I reading that right?


They had one kid at that stage, but yeah, they only got married a few years ago. (I’m still FB friends)


Where were the kids while you were rooting their mum?


I saw Creed who are way worse than matchbox 20. Free ticket unfortunately from a bloke not hot chick.

Their bassist was doing his best spinal tap impression all night. I pretty much laughed through the whole gig.


Nothing wrong with that, mate.


With Grandma.


Oooh… Creed might actually be worse. I’ll pay that.


Yes for the audacity to do someone in front of their kid. Am I reading that right?


And Grandma, ffs


That’s exactly how it went.

The kids were distracted by singing Glycerine


Are you suggesting he’s a dud root?


Was the grandma a goer? Eh? Eh?


There’s a quality Bush joke nearby.


Hey, I’d had a few beers, it was a long week at work… I was tired, alright!


Haha, quite the opposite. Now she’s lived life to the fullest she can give it all up for hubby and kids.


How would teenage @mrjez feel about adult MrJez giving a yes for Bush?


Actually a friend of mine used to put them on mixed tapes and explain how they were a short leap from Jawbreaker’s sound at times. I kinda went along with it and didn’t mind them. He loved “This Cloud”. Edit: Comedown


No for the sob story.


Well there you go.

The ‘cool kids’ used to mercilessly rip into me for liking them. I think that’s why I doubled-down on them, because I’m a stubborn c*nt.