The Reigning DJ King (MKV) @Preliminary_Point2...playing some stuff


Yucky :frowning: Free sob-story YES


@Paul_Peos are you John saffran?


Classic Crazy Bomber…


I don’t believe so.

(I also don’t get that reference specifically)


I’d vote my own mother out if she dared give me a sob story.


That women’s underpants sniffer used to date a half Japanese researcher at Monash. He also boned one of my best mates sister. Woke up one morning and John saffran was in the kitchen making coffee. Have a free yes btw.


Yes for el scorcho reference.


Why were you at your best mates sisters house?


Cuz my best mate lived there too?



Not how I expected this to go…

Where are you @JohnRain? I’m sob-storying my little heart out here!




Damn that’s a rather obvious non funny reason.


I know what you were implying but I wasn’t going to go there.


wtf happened? um yes


You have to admit he does look a lot like peos.


I wish I was that good-looking.


Sh*t, I got a Bush song through.

I have nothing planned… I’m tempted to go the other sob story, but it’s probably a bit much to do two back to back.

Give me a sec…


It was a ripper song. Have you got a ripper coming up next?


Ok, I’m just gonna chuck up my all-time favourite festival band, Grinspoon.

I’ve saw these guys play more than any other band (although I only went to one specific Grinspoon gig, it was all festivals).

Consistently epic live, never missed, no matter how sloppy drunk Phil was.

(Song starts at 0.20, so fast forward if you want to miss a cartoon John Howard being ■■■■-probed by aliens.)