The Reigning DJ King (MKV) @Preliminary_Point2...playing some stuff


Farkin’ awesome! Never heard it and so glad you played it. YES


Ok, 1-0 overnight by the look of things, hopefully the morning crowd are in a moshing mood.

Oh, and Velvet Revolver, Bush, Grinspoon… Geez, I really hung in there with the whole “something different” theme.


Love the Grinners, and that song is great.

A big YES from me.




That was the bit that got me too. Classic sobbery Peos.

Just for the record Machine Head is probably my favourite track of theirs.


Yes to Grinspoon too.


Bl**dy hell! Brutal couple of days at work. Intermittent DJ King check-in and am faced with quality Peos sob stories of debauchery involving a mixed Japanese tenderonie, her Mum and progeny and some obscure reference to the game of cricket. :wink: Once again, the DJ King thread delivers in spades.

Admit it, though, Peos. You never attended the Palace ‘for nostalgia’s sake’, right? That wasn’t some coincidental hook-up. No need to gild the lily. You read her FB news feed and just happened to ‘discover’ that she was back in town. Perhaps, she even put the feelers out there re: attending that gig and looking for wingmen. And you just happened to be in the right place at the right time. :grin:

For your dash, I award you ten points and a yes vote to your current song. :muscle:


Why wasn’t this in the cricket thread?


Never rated Grinspoon until I saw them live. They are truly tight-as-a-fish’s-arsse and make a thunderous, full noise for a 3-piece. And they managed to successfully grow from their somewhat infantile, coke-fuelled beginnings (though did plateau somewhat in the end).


That’s a very polite way of putting it.

Their last few albums are complete balls. They started declining when Phil got way too into Ice.

Then when he got completely sober… The decline really kicked in.


Nah Johnny, that story was without embellishment. We weren’t even FB friends until after i “Bowled the maiden over.” (Well, a wicket-maiden in this context)


Yep, so much more entertaining when Phil was ■■■■■■ up. The live shows always (well the ones I attended at least) felt like they could fall apart at any moment, but they somehow managed to get through it. Saw them once when Phil got clean and it was just so dull.

They crushed it on the Guide to Better Living 20 Year show when I saw em. Damn near blew the roof off the venue.


Bowled, Shane.


I saw him throw up on stage twice, clearly from alcohol. And one year at Falls they played the new year’s slot, but they were all so ■■■■■■ up, they played through midnight and missed the countdown. We had to do a pretend countdown after the song finished.

They still never missed a beat musically. And goodness they were great moshpits.


I’ll vote yes just to get things moving 7-0


And another Yes to consummate it.
Spin, ■■■■.


What do you do when your drummer commits suicide just before your breakout album comes out?

You commemorate him in a way that he would appreciate, by replacing him with ‘4 hot chicks on drums’ in the next music video you do.


They should’ve also found a better vocalist.



You’re a “Love it, or hate it” sorta guy Azza, and I can respect that.


I like the reverse headstock Firebird, despite them being awkward and uncomfortable to play - but that vocal is like sticking marshmellows in your whisky.