The Reigning DJ King (MKV) @Preliminary_Point2...playing some stuff


To paraphrase Monty Burns, I’m no critic but I know what I hate.


Didn’t mind that. Inoffensive yes


I bet I could have swayed you with a more manipulative sob story.


Hmmm. Yes, I’m beginning to feel more amiable…


It’s been an entertaining set, but I feel your running out of material.

I’ll give you a friendly no, to let you get back to life.


I’ve been running out of material for about 6 spins now.


I suppose I am. Geez not sure what I have left in the playlist either.


Yeah, sorry, I stuffed up the edit above.

But you’re gonna be up next I think.


I can do today. Starts digging in the crate.


Like a few of Feeder’s tracks (principally “Feeling A Moment”), but this feels pretty generic to me. The vocals have generally been the sticking point…


I’m sure you have a few more wickets left in you, but for now, it’s back to the bowling nets, Peos. No.


A PP2 ‘no’ to a Peos song is rarer than finding a piece of ambergris on a secluded beach. And that stuff (whale vomit) is more valuable than diamonds, although both end up on women anyway. :wink:


Fairly Foo Fighters vibe, but…

Yes, for sad story
Yes, for G & L Bass guitars
Yes for hot drummers
Yes, for Wales.

All add up to one YES.




I thought, at the very least, this would generate some discussion.


I love it when you get jealous.


Yawn. Needed a more substantive sob-story. NO


Alright, let’s finish this off.



I’m all sobbed out.


It’s all for naught - given how accommodating Peos can be with his love. :wink: