The Reigning DJ King (MKV) @Preliminary_Point2...playing some stuff


Maybe you will meet up in 16 years.


Randomly - at some music event. Or my 60th BD. Give us a kiss…


That was pretty generic, but not bad enough for me to land the killing blow, so yes…








Negan really doesn’t like gingers, does he?


Can’t complain about that set, you were all very generous.

@Preliminary_Point2 is up.

Cheers gang, I’m off to bed


I was about to yes this for the previous sob story (although would have been better with a “thought it was a certainty the way the deck was turning, but then grandma called and one of the kids was projectile vomiting, and I’m still bitter after all these years” ending. Or maybe with a “the middle child looks different to the other 2 and I’ll never know”…)

But too late now anyway…


And I also want to know what sort of “research scientist”, given Seattle…



OK thanks Peos.

No sob story just one of the classics.


Boom! Big yes there. Was just listening to Endtroducing the other day.


I finally got around to buying it on vinyl. Love the album, god knows how many hours he poured into it.


YES and welcome back to the decks! Not you @Deckham


Vague or as Kira would say, limp Yes.






Yeah, I listened to Endtroducing again a few months back. I think it was the first time this millennium. Really enjoyed it. Yes


This track and subsequent posts intrigued me enough to listen to more of Endtroducing as its an album I haven’t heard before. I’m liking them more than I like this track.

Have a YES though.