The Reigning DJ King (MKV) @Preliminary_Point2...playing some stuff


expedient yes


Been a few D&B songs played in here. I particularly liked the late 90’s intelligent D&B sound.

This is one of the best examples.


That’s so much “of its time”.

Anyway, I’ll say yes.

I was going to complain about it “not going anywhere”, but then the guy dunked and it was all resolved.




That’s flaccid, Zimmer. I would say flaccid yes. Words are important!
A lettuce is limp. A song is flaccid. A sash is droopy.

Interesting YES for the present song.


An English mate of mine is into D&B & shared some tunes with me back in the day. Actually, he prefers UK garage/grime (The Heartless Crew, etc). Took me a while to warm to the genre, but I occasionally listen to it, although as you know, I prefer a slower beat. Anyway, Roni is a legend & I didn’t mind that, so have a yes.


Calling the DJ help line:

What does everyone else do when they get a day or two without the family/house to yourself sort of thing? I look forward to it for a ages then don’t know what to do with myself. Too many options vs not wanting to waste it. (Then again I do have my problems.)


Crank the stereo!

But it’s great to have those days. For me it’s go to a favourite cafe and take my time read the paper etc. Excercise then maybe a massage or bath. Cook favourite dinnnee(or pizza) then watch a film. Usually some kind of sci fi thing that I know my significant other won’t like.




If it feels good during & not too bad afterwards, it’s not a waste. Make of that what you will.



I’ve had a fair bit of time off recently.

There where times I actively needed to do things to justify it. Other times I basically slept, i felt guilty but at same time knew it was what I really needed.


I get lots of time to myself. Sleep in, wash the dishes, hang up some washing, go for a bike ride and pick up stuff from the butcher, fruit shop, deli and supermarket. The I do a few things around the house, today it’s sash cords for the man cave window.


Sorry to have hijacked the thread, but I’m very appreciative of the responses. I think @Preliminary_Point2 hit the nail on the head with the guilt thing. Anyway, for now I’ve put the hammock in the last of the afternoon sun and have a cold beer. Google Play on shuffle - Sowing the Seeds of Love? Not sure if that’s a good omen. Now to not overdo it. (See what I mean?)

Anyway, carry on DJ’s. Thanks


Oh and forgot, something I’ve only recently started to do again. Vinyl shopping, nothing better to kill a few hours. I hadn’t done it for a long time, but this thread inspired me back into it.

My current favourite in Melbourne is Dutch Vinyl in Abbotsford. Good cross section of genres, both new and collectors.


Nice work so far PP2. Have a YES and a redundant yes for DJS.


It’s very dark here. Even when it’s light, it’s dark. Haven’t seen Bjerk yet although we may have passed each other on the street but it’s that dark I wouldn’t have known.

Play a song about Icelandic girls.


4-1 and a couple of abstainers.

@Diggers songs come quicker if you vote.


Fk you! I’m off to night shift. Sounds awesome. Enjoy.


Didn’t mind it, Yes


My second no in a row. Do you have any idea how long it has been since I gave two no’s in a row? Well, do you?

Just asking cause I can’t remember myself and didn’t include that sort of nonsense in the spreadsheet.