The Reigning DJ King (MKV) @Preliminary_Point2...playing some stuff


make it a yes. This sash cord thing is turning out to be a bit more complex, more like rebuild the whole window frame, sand it and paint it. Time for a beer.


Yes to paper bag.


And after I gave you ten yes’s in a row.


Ok I seem to allways do these things in triplets. So here’s my third moody/electronica/broken beat 90’s thing.

More we’ll known than the other 2 but I was reminded of this soundtrack/song when doing the favourite movie lists.


I like some trip hop, especially later in the day. Nice start, PP2. Am digging this set. Yes.




On behalf of of the good people staying at the Foss Reykjavik, Yes


Send pics from the Blue Lagoon. :grin:

p.s. Not of you.


yes thank god you played something I could get back to my yes voting for. It’s hard voting no.






Yeah photos or it didn’t happen @Diggers


When you express your fondness for cider, are you talking the proper stuff (flat or only faintly carbonated, dry) or these sickly, lolly water things masquerading as cider these days?
Asking for a friend…





Lack of quality sob story, have a yes.


May as well stick with the program.


So wait… You just post the song, and dont include a sob story?

I mean, I guess you can do it like that.

Solid yes too, good track.


Hmm…I have several things I could say about that effort (none of them good).



Ha! My wife likes the lolly cider (Rekorderlig) so I mostly drink that (because it’s in the house).

Free YES for the song.