The Reigning DJ King (MKV) @Robin_Close...mixing music and sob stories


Meanwhile Pete Shelley died earlier today and we haven’t had a Buzzcocks song. :anguished:


It’s Oasis. It’s been done before by the same DJ. It’s Oasis!!!

■■■■ off and NNNOOO


Surprised there haven’t been more responses like this. Thread has mellowed since Mk 1.

(Not suggesting it’s a good or bad thing.)


This remains my fav ‘no’ story, though. It’s all time. Even took a screenshot of it. Ridiculously funny.




Have another yes. Rip Pete Shelley.


Have another no, for old times sake.


Haha, my no’s are so lethargic these days by comparison. In fact, I often just exit the thread cos I can’t be bothered breaking it to DJ.


This 7 system sucks, it’s like 20/20 version of the thread. Short sharp no’s (or sometimes a yes) is all that’s needed. Half the time people vote yes or no because it’s close to 7.


Whenever I am having a pr*ck of a day, I read that post & my mood is instantly elevated. Still cracks me up. :laughing:


Even with the first to seven voting system, songs still take longer to vote on than an Aussie test batting collapse, CB. :wink:


You finish early today? Your no vote doesn’t usually kick in until around 5.45


You have a keen eye…but yes I had today off haha.


Pretty impressed that you actually took and saved a screenshot.


Bring back the old days.


Especially when I was the DJ that post was directed at. I don’t take all ‘no’ votes personally, Zim. :wink:


I wish I knew how to take a screenshot


Says the bloke who developed a gun spreadsheet with filter functions, etc. Sure, I believe you. :grin:


What! You saying I do! ■■■■■■■!

Lol. Wasn’t suggesting you do, but just impressed… Must have saved some interesting ones from me. (Don’t post them please - we’ve only just re-reached the level of tenuous friendship) :grimacing:


Thx, dude. You’ve made my afternoon. I’ll take that any day of the week. :wink: