The Reigning DJ King (MkVI) is @Davo with the teutonic techno


Yes for Cheese


I’m listening to Colour Haze at the moment - a bit of stoner stuff some of you may like. Or not.


I was going to say something similar. Alcohol effects Zimmer next level.


That 1000 mods band I snaked you on have some really good stoner tracks. Electric Carve was rocky but their other stuff e.g. Vidage is good slow fat guitar heaven.

from youtube:

Costas Albouniotis

Costas Albouniotis
We are Greeks, we are stoned, WE ROCK!


And I’m just having my first white wine spritzer.


That should wash the mushies down nicely.


Is that like pims?


No. Pimms is much better


I wish.


Can you still buy west coast wine coolers?


Only if you really want to.


And you really don’t want to…



I know I’m going to surprise people when I say that they were ever that good, or even good at all. Sorry Lloyd/Lordo etc.


Have you tried this band @Deckham

This is not an attempt to hijack the thread (or maybe it is )


Yep, I’ve gone through their repertoire pretty thoroughly I think. Good stuff. Try Mother Engine, also.


hahahahaha!!! oh how many stomach fulls I’ve chucked up


hello im home i did leave instructions or am discarded???

m out of range for a few hours yes i know its Friday night…if I get dethroned @westozziebomber




Your problem is a good one, you made it through lol.