The Reigning DJ King (MkVI) is @Davo with the teutonic techno


I tried to drink them once and couldn’t finish it. But I had other options ruskis, smirnoffs, crushers etc when the thought of a six pack of VB was terrifying(usually day 3 of a session). These days Klawdy and Chop probably drink beer with more sugar in it than pre mixed drink.


im so glad you all are waiting for me lol


I’m a gunna yes this cause I know somewhere Zimmer is dancing all silly to this.


Alright, this is getting silly. Friday night, no song! Some kok has to take charge. I’m not sure how much longer my laptop will last in this cold, especially with the prick stealing my energy. He keeps playing crap like this:


special dedication to @zimmer!


Well this is awkward


Sozzles. Disregard the above tripe. I pressed the wrong thing.


No to @Hesonlygotaleftfoot’s crappy disco sh*t

@Zimmer can have a Yes though

And I would just like the record to show that at this particular point in the thread, I have more posts than @JohnRain…the king of DJ Thread posts


is this the KOK format Dj showdons!


Yes to Disco!

Hey - anyone have some tips on uploading an audio track to youtube?


Is it a disco track?


One of my own, actually :wink:


That’s not really answering my question (is it?)


hahahaha…no, not this one.
It’s a good 'ol rock track.


Put “owned” in the title for the clicks.


Are you telling me the truth here?

You’re acting verrry secretive I feel


I have no idea on the how, but soundcloud seems to be the go for pure audio uploads.


Deckham DESTROYS SJW leftist snowflake.




That was a long time between songs.

Should have been longer.