The Reigning DJ King (MkVI) is @Davo with the teutonic techno


Another first ball yes


no probs circa 1992 that one lol


was 50/50 until my kryptonite kicked in. Stabby digipiano chord sequences in dance music are so lame. NO!


Gee, it went on a bit.

Have a yes.


Im a victim of vinyl lol


I wasn’t expecting the happy major key at ~50secs. That threw me a little. But it made up for it with a strong driving beat despite those hideous keys.



If the song selection continues in this vein I’m gonna have to up my ecstacy intake. Until then, you get a big, fat NO


Have a wretched first ball no.





First ball YES


Smash Hit?


First ball drop no




7-5 Rave Thursdays is back @Hesonlygotaleftfoot


Your thursday night guide to be the raver you always wanted to be!

a little comic relief and a song in one…


That Gat Decor track is quality, HOGALF.


Redundant yes for your last effort & another yes for this one. Where’s the time machine?


I quite enjoyed this one. YES




This makes Ebenezer Goode look like layered nuanced satire. Yes