The Reigning DJ King (MkVI) is @Davo with the teutonic techno


Superlative. Club mix, hey? I have the Trax Records version (pink label). Massive yes.



Got to be a yes for Larry Heard, very influential artist.




It was ok.

Soft yes


We couldn’t do Blind DJ without you.


well got into my mates for a lift to work and he says I made you a mix of bands you listened to as a kid…


massive improvement. yes


What he said ^^^.
It’s got that ubiquitous 80’s drum production (heavily gated, cavernous reverb, metallic glossy eq) which hasn’t dated particularly well, but it’s a great song and craps all over anything you’ve played from a great height (the bar was set real low though…)


Black Jeans, paisley shirts and mullets!


Sounded like Fight for Your Right, without the humour.

No this time.


Was ok, Yes.


Ok, yes.

I didn’t know Lime Spiders particularly back in the day, but seeing this reminded me of a Smash Hits magazine competition where the prize was a Lime Spiders leather jacket. Weird random memory.


That was blander than a really, really bland thing no






Flaccid yes


Nah, not my bag at all.

Catchy thread title, LB. @Lifetime_ban :grin:


Is big in Iceland. Yes


How’s the Reyka, Digs?


such a wonderful life! celibate rifles x occy!