The Reigning DJ King (MkVI) is @Davo with the teutonic techno


Handicapping tardy DJs? I like it. Let’s give tardy DJs a Zimmer NO :slight_smile:


No. Don’t want anything named after me. Except… hang on.


I’m kidding :slight_smile:

Also, I just got a Wu Tang Clan hoodie today. Makes me feel like a teenager again :slight_smile:


Hep can start a support group with Heather Mills.


Why have you not played any Wu Tang


That’s cool, I knew you were. Also, I Have my new Entombed tshirt on right now! Will wear the Megadeth one tomorrow.


That’s not to say there shouldn’t be a handicap for tardy DJs.


I don’t think they would’ve got through in the early days :frowning: But, you’re right. I’ll definitely play them next time I’m DJ. My favourite songs are Shame on a n*gga and Da Mystery of chessboxin’ :slight_smile:


Next I’m gonna get a Run DMC bomber jacket:

And then a Prodigy jacket

I’m going to get all the jackets :slight_smile:


Didn’t think it was possible to like you more @kira but the RUN DMC hoody proves me wrong.


Back at work this week and the old one was closed and the new one well established before I even knew it.

(not that I’m complaining though :wink: )


Dodoro approves.




While there’s a break in transmission- I’ll just say I’m glad you guys can’t hear the crap I’m listening to right now. It’s awful - but very fun.

Hint: mindless rock. Not sure that narrows it down much.


Whereas I’m just listening to N.I.B. by Black Sabbath…I’d happily share it with you all


Yep. Me too. Outside Snowblind, their best song.

(Maybe not…)


Get drunk and loose the inhibitions and in no time you’ll be boppinh along to the nutbush and knock on wood!




You’re an evil man PP2


Crossroads (by Cream) has just come up on my playlist …is that the Cream you were referring to??? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: