The Reigning DJ King (MkVI) is @Davo with the teutonic techno


This thread is gold for those of us sanctioned time in Antarctica Australis. Our whiskey delivery arrived yesterday.


Yesterday you were sitting in a hammock, now your in Antarctica?


I’m a very dynamic man.

Also, the hammock was two days ago. Just to be clear, and your excellent advice brought me here, to the tundra.


Ah so you flew in with the whiskey?


I think you’re a very confused (or drunk) {or both} man

The tundra is located in the Northern hemisphere…not Antarctica


Zimmer is in Antarctica??


Saving that for later. Still have vodka from the previous arctic DJ. They left the turntable on for 8 months and when we arrived it was still playing, Love in a Elevator, which was nice.


I got drunk once, fell asleep on a train and ended up in Frankston… But Antarctica is next level.


Well sir, that’s neither here nor there.

(I knew that too, but I’ll pretend you aren’t smarter than me.)


Then where the hell are you (if you’re not here nor there)?


I’ve camped outside a cave near the Forrest. Very long extension cord. Just reached, but I don’t have a power board, so I have to be very careful about what’s charged and what’s not, before nightfall. Daylight is very brief in these parts. The next door neighbor is playing Dr. Feelgood very loud, and as much as it reminds me of home, I have an inkling he’s piggybacking off my very long extension cord. I’m about to go and question him about it. If I don’t come back, I’ll be a bit longer.


Edit: Bah, stuffed that up, and Zimmer fixed the typo anyway!


That’s pretty psychedelic mate.




Is there a precedent for this scenario? What’s the record for dj absenteeism?


Kok’s Choice.


Sometimes we just have a free for all till they return.


There was this one time, I went to Tantarcica…


Some filler music, from the cool sounds of Richard Cheese


No for that grungey song up above.