The Reigning DJ King (MkVI) is @Klawdy... teasing us with rumours


ok ill go again…



Not chipper enough for Saturday morning. NO


Pat DiNizio sounds like Neil Finn in this song.

I prefer your dance music vinyl, HOGALF. No this time.


Song was borderline. Comb over was the decider. No


I cant play 24/7 dance music…but then again!


Aw hell no


Well, the lead singer looks and sounds like a cut rate Nicholas Cage, which is not a good thing. no


Seriously, how is it possible to assemble so many uncool people in the one band?

I mean, there are plenty of uncool bands, but they usually at least have like a cool-looking bassist, or the drummer looks a bit bad-■■■… Or something.

The song itself wasn’t actually too bad, so have a polite Yes


I want to say yes but you people make it very hard for me these days. Have a gigantic NO


@westozziebomber your up off the long run when my demise is official…can I give myself a no for poor song selection and seal my own fate ??


Sometimes things are committed to film that you regret for the rest of your life. This, I’m sure, fits in that category. This is nearly up there with that Jagger/Bowie film clip.



Well it was good to be back on the wheels of steel

@westozziebomber all yours off the long run up!


Good God, man. You most certainly can (and perhaps it may have saved you). :grin:

Cheers, HOGALF.

Itttttttttttttt’s tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimmmmmme. Spin, WOB, spin. Welcome back, you crazy cat. @westozziebomber


Crikey. Give me 5



Dolores o’riordan had such a unique voice and sung it in such a way that it’s very difficult for me to hear any cranberries song without her voice. There is just no way they can stand up for me.

Regrettably no.


I always cringe when I see a cover posted. But this was a good enough for a yes


Under the Bridge would easily get up these days, WOB, as would most original versions of songs. Have a welcome back yes for your trouble.


Wtf has happened in here?

Anyway, a yes for wob’s first spin