The Reigning DJ King (MkVI) is @Klawdy... teasing us with rumours


0-4 down to 3-4. Comeback is on, PP2. If this gets up, Rave Thursdays are officially back, baby. :grin:


It is his day and I’ve set him up nicely.


Oh dear god, no.


Although it is 3-4

Better than expected!


It’s a gargantuan task. All the best (if you decide to undertake it).


I was expecting something like Here’s Johnny.
Nothing noisesome about this, it’s quite melodic.
Have a yes.


I can yes this




Fk no


Ja from the land of c*ck museums and fermented puffins.

Ja means Yes by the way.


Free YES


Yes to the song. But no to the spin.


Genuinely surprised that got up.

I’ve been listening to rock and hard music all day and it’s made me all angry. So I need something a little more soothing. Maybe a little disco soul number.


Just had a look at thread MK I and MK II. They don’t specify post numbers etc. for some reason, and I was just going to just do the same screenshot thing… anyway.

The beginning of Thread MK I is pretty funny though. Everyone giving @Diggers ■■■■

First thread was Feb 18 BTW.


Variety hey? Not at this point. Thankyou No.







See before you complained I had Faith no more and the stooges ready to go. Probably right up your alley.

Be careful what you wish for…


Yes to the smooth sounds and groovy beats of the 70’s Discotheque scene