The Reigning DJ King (MkVI) is @Klawdy... teasing us with rumours


That banging techno went alright.

Strongly dislike this one though, sorry.



The backing is actually pretty good, but I can’t be having with that flute/keyboard hook.
And no to a Fifth of Beethoven, too


Not wrong. Copped heaps then had insult added to injury by voting me out on the 2nd spin. As my first choice only got through on a technicality, I didn’t have a winning song first time up.

You people should be ashamed of yourselves.


the tek track well it was mild yes r + s records say hello or maybe xl recordings!

As much as love disco the hustle gets a NO


You don’t see glitter suits these days.

Yes anyway.




Carryover no for that techno ■■■■!!


Nup, never liked that.


A new thread at last and I’m free from the constant reminders

@Preliminary_Point2…you should hang your head in shame for playing such unadulterated garbage to start the thread.

NOs for both of your crappy efforts so far


Haha Ben Sims got up and this didn’t. I’m actually pretty happy about that.

OK anyone want the decks?


ill have another crack if you dont mind


Go for it.


time for some more tek lol


Life changing for millions around the world

i present GAt Decor!


Only half way through but I’m on board YES


Why…did they all neck themselves after listening to this steaming pile?


Thread is getting worse by the song :face_vomiting:


@Hesonlygotaleftfoot good work



why would we we were having the time of our lives that will never be recreated anytime anyplace in any universe!

would you like to me play a aussie rock track for you enjoyment if i survive>


Nah…just play what you like…occasionally I pick up on a new artist worth listening to (not this latest effort though :wink: )


Simples first ball yes