The Reigning DJ King (MkVI) is @Yossarian playing who the fluck knows what




I cant some made it into a beauty contest and that he sounded like neil finn!

from now I’m disregarding song quality and basing my vote solely on looks!


Yeah, I feel bad about that. Should have stuck to my rule of not watching the clip. Sorry.


easy no to that motley bunch!


No to the song.


■■■■ Nirvana. Welcome Back NO


That bass player is balding and overcompensating by growing his hair long. YES






Dug it - yes




Hell, yeah.


Yep. He sure did. And musically, both the Smithereens & Crowded House were strongly influenced by 60s music, so I can see/hear the similarity.


6-3 (padding the numbers) @swoodley


I just listened again and I cant hear N finn whatsoever either I have selective hearing tone deaf or have industrial deafness lol


Or I do. :wink:




Enjoy. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Ha, was just about type the same. For every quality tune like this that gets the thumbs down, I just think “Teenage Dirtbag” and remember what we’re dealing with.