The Reigning DJ King (MkVI) is @Yossarian playing who the fluck knows what


I’m still seething over the N Finn reference!


302 posts in and I still do :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Not sure il get this through but I like it


Sorry for being absent and not voting!


Country for me depends on the lyrics and the voice (not nasally twee stuff). This is good enough - yes.


Lyrics made me cringe tbh. No


Just what the thread needed, more banjo, yep.


That was ok…have a Yes


Better than that Neil Finn song a few songs back, so have a yes. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:






gratuitous use of a train line actual train gets a Yes from me!


Who’s alias was that?

Anyway, have a yes…


Ride me mama?



6-2 and you just know your gonna get a yes from me, especially for Darius. Love him.

That makes it 7-2 @westozziebomber give us another one.


Apologies all if the updates up the top have been a bit delayed. I head back to Shitney tomorrow so just trying to finalise everything around the house and family. Don’t get back until middle of March so need to make sure everything is as good as can be before I leave.




Hootie cruises through.


The last one would have been my only yes - the others were all steaming piles of ■■■■.