The Reigning DJ King (MkVI) is @Yossarian playing who the fluck knows what


How about Gav?




Hootie and the farkin blowfish??

This set from WOB was a pretty funny read, so have a free yes for this latest song, as terrible as it is.


Luke Bryan is the Justin Bieber of the country scene. Should see how many teenie girls love his “music”…

I didn’t take WOB for a 13 year old teenie hearthrob fangirl, but nonetheless this song is a gigantic NO without remorse.


Just came back from the shops where the local busker broke into a version of Wonderwall that was almost as bad as the one by that forgettable bloke whose name I have forgotten. Where’s @Langers4 these days?


And all this time I thought you looked like Carl Cox, JR! Sheesh…


This thread can completely shift in 2 hours, let alone 24 hours. Have no idea what you did @westozziebomber but you’ve livened up the place.



I really do hope you’re still in your bright yellow and bold blue work clothes from that blind drunk thread and on the red cans again. Yes.


Carryover no for the Hootie two-up Tuesday Saturday…


You kept us entertained last night


I try.


3-7 (4-7 if you count Socks and Sandals redundant vote)

Name your successor WOB


@Crazy_Bomber or @swoodley have a run at it


You go @Crazy_Bomber…I only had a spin a few weeks ago


What about you @Zimmer…you haven’t spun for awhile?


Your up swoods, shave them sideburns!


yeah cmon swoods, Saturday night ROCK!


OK…I’ll see if I can last more than 2 songs this time.

You asked for Rock…I give you Stevie Ray Vaughan


I got voted out on SRV. He deserves more respect. YES


Hell yes