The reining DJ King (Mk VI) is need of a manicure


The Hottest 100 countdown, which then became a DJ thread Meetup idea.


And a moderate yes.


I can barely type my arms are so tired. Put the supporting beam in so all good for now.


Yes to the song. I should probably give that Divinyls tune a listen when I get a chance.




OK … I’ve just logged on - not going to read 200 posts. I was working this weekend - didn’t even get to listen to the rival entries.

Looks like I came last, although I expected to go out in first round so can’t complain.

Thanks for the admin efforts JR and Jez. Congrats on win JR - sorry about your dad. Make sure you look after yourself.

I won’t be participating in next reindeer games - I have to remember how to do Panic Dollars and reboot that.


Good ventilation mate. Easy yes for the song.


yes for the song


Well played everyone particularly our podium finishers
JR, thoughts with you
Yes to the song


Pretty sure I came completely last.


I think you gave me more votes than anyone so you’re a legend in my eyes :smile: Multiple 5 votes e.g. The Police, King Gizzard


Yeah and you gave me votes for psy so legend in my eyes too.


Diggers is a top bloke who clearly has better music taste than people give him credit for.


Congratulations are in order then, I guess?


That’d be a first for you.




I was busy today, so spewing I couldn’t participate live with the reveal. Two whole weeks and I miss the big finish.

Johnny ■■■■■■■ Rain, you da man, the ■■■■■■■ DJ Master.

Is there anything he hasn’t won in this game? His achievements are starting to read like the great J Hird.

Sorry about your dad mate, stay strong.

Thought this song was appropriate, don’t want to break DJ thread etiquette & being late to the party, but fark it:


I’ve got more wooden spoons than Fark FC of late.


Thanks kindly, man.

Synth time & bringing this down a notch. And I don’t think this group have been spun before.

@Robin_Close may like this vid. Parachute jump from 19 miles up. Some real footage.


Yes before I listen, but love them