The reining DJ King (Mk VI) is need of a manicure




Adore Boards of Canada, my ipod is filled with them. Easy YES.


Awesome JR! Those type of jumps used to be called HALO jumps in the military. High altitude low opening (below 1000 ft). Designed for stealth penetration of enemy territory. And naturally a big yes for the song.




Take a Yes JR.

Congrats on the win and condolences on losing your father. It’s tough losing a parent. Chin up!

Thanks for agreeing to admin the comp through what would have been a difficult time - hopefully it was a welcome distraction at times.

Comp was a fun concept.



WTF was that? You can’t just rest on your laurels. Kidding, I liked it and I love seeing instrumental music posted here. Quick, lets vote it through before Bakes turns up and gives it a no for lack of vocal expression and a reliance on digital effects.

I’m so pleased you got the win. You were totally in the zone, nobody had a chance, not even me with my clearly superior songs.


I wonder how this track would score under the @Deckham 100 point system?


Is that a Yes mate? If so it is 7-0 and JR is up again.


■■■■ it, have another yes @JohnRain and give us some more great tunes



YES go again @JohnRain


Not enough funk I bet. :stuck_out_tongue:




Just finishing up some Nepalese tucker at our local restaurant. Home in 15.


Especially when combined with his 3 after 5 (can’t recall full details) voting system.


It’s so convoluted, I don’t think Stephen Hawking could figure it out.


Coz if we are all honest with ourselves…


Ahhh, an autobiographical song I see. Very good John San.




Cheeky but I can’t deny their brilliance. I was always surprised by a mate of mine who was a hard core punk that hated them. He ran away from home in Ireland after his alcoholic father stabbed him at the age of 12 and he moved to London to live on the streets. Years later he moved to Melbourne (and I’m pretty sure he still doesn’t have a visa). A junkie for many many years but such a wonderful intelligent bloke that never got a real chance. We’re great friends and have chatted so many times about his addictions but unfortunately he hasn’t managed to shake them.


Sad and sorry to hear that, Hambo.