The reining DJ King (Mk VI) is need of a manicure


Talk about taking the loss badly…smashed the entire wall down! :slight_smile:


Anyway, I’ve been out all day, and missed all the news. Congrats to all the finalists and to @JohnRain. The Divinyls track was a good one. Sorry for your loss, I hope you’re OK.


I’m listening to some grouse music right now thanks to all you guys.


What’s pumping right now?


oldschool electro with a modern twist

it will go down really well like King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard


Nice. I’ll spin an electro funk tune from the 70s next (if the current song gets through).


sorry to barge your set @JohnRain


Not at all, dude. You reminded me of an old track created with a MCS70 monophonic analog synth.


Your new avatar is creeping me out.


"_ " < > AAAAAAARGH funk




DJ Brooke Evers. Have never heard of her before. She popped up when I googled ‘Blond DJ’. :laughing:




Easier on the eye than the last pic.

No complaints here…




Just wanna say that the one song that rocked my sick little boat from Blond DJ was I Fink U Freeky.
Screw the haters.
Got me listening to some Aphex Twin today, and that’s never a bad thing.


Yeah I dug that.

I reckon round 1 was the best. The foals song was great. I can’t remember all of the names but there was half a dozen other really interesting songs.


I’d like to hear other people’s songs of the tournament.
If, you know, you’re not too cool to admit you liked one song.


Jez & I would also like to hear some feedback about the comp in general. Positives, negatives, recommendations. Could it become a regular comp? Rotate the admin.


I am in as an admin.
Like I said earlier, I’m happy to take blind votes.
I’ll post regular updates as Song A, Song B etc.

It won’t stop a few still attempting to bloc vote, but it will be purer.
Takes away the, ‘oh, this poster would post this and therefore they are winning so I’ll just vote this way.’

btw, if you try to bloc vote, you’re a douche who’s just not good enough.