The reining DJ King (Mk VI) is need of a manicure


Compartmentalise them. Sift through round one, do the next round when it’s time.




Don’t mind that.

Another thing to consider - I reckon a lot of the hold up is due to voting, rather than submitting. Rain & Jez would know more. Is there something we can do about that?


You just lack confidence in your selection abilities. And not without cause, either.


I think people read too much into my song choices. I love both of those artists (Specials and Baker Boy), so i planned to do one old and one new. Nothing strategic or planned in my choices.


Stricter timelines and set them up front, that way people know the commitment and what’s expected.

Most people had a rough idea if they were going through each round, so would be pondering songs already, so make the change over time between end of round and next song submission much shorter. Say only a few hours or if you are even in with a chance get the song in by voting end to stay in. It keeps things moving.

I prefer everyone in it together than conferences, where depending on who the voters are in your group can really effect you’re song. And don’t think we should all submit up front, it allows for changes to mood & voting. The purest form of the game allows the full mix of people’s likes & dislikes.

Saying all that, I won’t need any of it, cause i will never get very far anyway.


The game was done and dusted in 9 days. In that time, 80 songs were submitted, played and voted on.

I think many of us (myself included) got carried away with the excitement and were keen to see the game brought to a faster conclusion. In retrospect, 9 days wasn’t that long to work through so many songs and consider one’s votes. Submissions were generally fine. Voting took longer. You only need a few busy participants and the entire game slows down. Tighter voting deadlines is one suggestion, but also participants putting up their hands and saying that they wouldn’t have time to work through a batch of songs and vote within the required timeframe would help. Of course, none of this was known pre-game and plenty was made up on the fly.

I’m stoked that we had 28 participants. Thanks to everyone who participated. Made it fun because of the diversity in musical tastes and the need to think strategically. Fewer participants would increase the speed of play, but come at the potential cost of diversity, if the smaller number of players had similar musical tastes. The more the merrier, but only if you have the time to commit to it.


Yeh, mine was pretty much the same. Start with the old and known in R1 (Baby Britain) to hopefully garner some easy votes (failed miserably…). Given I was already rogered, I just picked something catchy and new in R2 (Rube) (since the unfamiliar songs seemed to go well enough in R1) which went OK…


Re: favourite songs. Other than the ones I already knew I really enjoyed “Tunnel”, The Foals, and the Screaming Trees song. (And I think I’m one of the few that liked the bongo song, though perhaps not a great choice for this crowd and format. Gutsy though.)

There were quite a few that I knew and were already favourites - Hicache, Refused, Megadeth, Talking Heads…

As far as my Black Sabbath choice goes, I picked “Snowblind” as I didn’t consider it as a well known one and a bit under-appreciated - but it backfired. I think people saw Sabbath, and thought boring, but then again the same could have been said for many of the choices that scored really well. Should have gone with Big Black, Pitch Shifter, or Mogwai tracks I had lined up, though I doubt they would have done much better.

Was a great comp, thanks to all involved. It certainly put the salt back into DJ king.

Edit: (I also actually think @frosty got a bit too much flak for Safety Dance. @hambo got too much flak for playing Poontang.)


I thought the comp was great (thanks so much @JohnRain and @mrjez). But I agree that we got into a holding pattern on a few occasions with voting. During these periods there wasn’t anything happening. Not sure how to fix this but it would be good if there was a solution to this.


Or maybe I think that adding a financial aspect to this game would take just about all the enjoyment of it away. It is and will always be, a music appreciation thread to me. When that changes, I’m out.

I understand that others like yourself, may feel the need to compensate by getting prizes and awards. Something to do with your upbringing, perhaps. But it’s ok - you’re in semi-safe company here.


As someone who came second, let me assure you that coming first would be its own reward.
Having said that, I’d have felt a bit ■■■■■■ winning given Rain’s circumstances.
He did a tremendous job.

Salt: difference between Lonely Ol’ Night and Once In A Lifetime?


Agree on Tunnel, I really liked that.


Each batch of songs there were one or two late voters. The first round when we were all in and voting on each other’s songs we needed everyone for fairness. But strict deadlines for subsequent rounds was definitely needed.

The conference idea from PP2 has potential, we could have deadlines each round and if you’re late bad luck.

If the deadlines get too strict we could see voters with busy schedules not listening and just voting for what they know in a hurry, which would be undesirable.


You gotta listen to the songs.
I suspect Psy may have done even better.


If you ever visit Japan, I promise to let you hold the trophy for a short while, Wim. :grin:



You’re so generous.


It was a euphemism, dude.


Assume “trophy” is a euphemism here…


Yep. No confidence.