The reining DJ King (Mk VI) is need of a manicure


@mrjez Don’t know what the answer is for this, or if there is an answer.

Personally I like this thread because, whether I know the song or not my policy is to listen to the song as closely and objectively as I can, often on headphones. But that’s not stopping anyone else from dismissing or accepting a song just because of reputation, decade, genre, popularity. Just part of the game I think.


Yep. I made a conscious effort to start each song on a level pegging, play them all through (as far as I could go with some), and pick based on my enjoyment at that time. No skipping tracks.

Edit: agreed Zimmer. Unfortunately we can’t do much about how others approach the songs.


Around 20 years ago, a group of us mates used to meet up every Sun afternoon at parks in Bayside Melbourne for Sunday bocce wars. We all brought our own bocce sets, a few cans of beers and the odd spliff. We were fiercely competitive. We logged all the scores in a notebook and even had a mini-bocce trophy made up. Once you won the bocce championship, you took possession of the trophy. No money involved, just the glory of taking possession of the trophy and then wasting every Monday emailing pics of the trophy (I took it into the office a few times) to those punters who had fallen short. I have considered getting some DJ King T-shirts made up. I’m a bit silly like that, though.


Love bocce.
So many different approaches.


I’m not setting up some online payment thing to occasionally send $2 overseas.


Oh, and you’re all quite rude.


Even flew back a dozen years ago for a bocce battle. Great fun.


The Jesus and Mary Chain: Happy When it Rains

Yes: LB, Kira, Robin
No: Uncle Chop



I didn’t play Safety Dance, that was frosty. I copped flak for Poontang but made it through on the strength of Glitch Mob.


Oh YES for Jesus and Mary Chain.


Sorry. Then @frosty got a bit too much slack for Safety Dance.

You obviously got too much flack for playing Poontang.


My thoughts on the old Blond DJ:-

Competitors, leave it open to everyone rather that a conference system.

Voters, first round voting open to anyone, even those not participating (you’ll see why below) and obviously two songs requires two rounds of voting.

Bring in a deadline for each round, 24 hours from last song being posted.

In the event that not everyone has voted, so long as at least 75% of participants (or equivalent for first round) have voted, then the results stand.

50% loss each round, even with 32 players that’s only 6 days (32, 32, 16, 8, 4, 2) which is three days shorter than the one we just completed.

The average time for songs would be around the 4 minute mark even allowing for the odd 6-10 minute song, meaning potential voters need to find about 2 hours for each of the first two rounds to listen to all the songs, assuming they listen all the way through on each one. Very few people are so busy they can’t find two hours of downtime a day for two days, especially if we kick off on a Friday evening.


How do you think I felt, I got too much flack for playing P.O.D. and not playing Blake Shelton’s Austin. :joy:


Yeah, that was rough.


Diggers has never explained the Shelton song, what was he doing.


Has he changed his avatar yet?



Fair to say I expected flack. I felt this was an opportunity to play songs that I wouldn’t have played in the normal format, just to see. Safety Dance is fun, and a bit stupid, Psy is fun and a bit stupid (but a whole lot more slick!). I love a fun stupid pop song occasionally. I’m happy to copy flack for it. I was genuinely interested in how both safety Dance andthe Inna Modja track would go.

TBH I reckon I would of got through except for @mrjez “Inner Modra” comment. Surely that sort of thing cost me stacks of votes! :slight_smile:


Said it before.
You were gypped.


In high school my partner had a friend whose parents were hardcore Christians. One day while the friend was at school his parents went into his room and proceeded to gather up and throw out his whole collection of albums and singles - and it was an extensive and pretty nice collection - under the pretence that they were the devil’s music. Or rather, they threw out all but one album: The Jesus and Mary Chain. How could they be bad with a name like that?

Yes, to misunderstood Christian music.


I didn’t go back to hear all the tracks because there no point any longer.

Feedback i have does relate to timelines… if you set them stick to them don’t get impatient because a handful of people haven’t yet had the time to sit down for an hour to listen to everything. I get it needs to keep moving but a 24 hour window? Maybe its better to run these alongside rather than in place of the regular dj king. Outside that i thought it was all good