The reining DJ King (Mk VI) is need of a manicure


Haha! I was coming home drunk and that was what I thought I’d read, a song about possessing the traits of high flying Tony.


Reminds my of one of my guitarists who threw out all his original Hendrix’s because Church of the Harvest.
Was/is quality, too.
Went into Indian music.


It’s coming.


Actually, I had Safety Dance in my top 5 and then someone unleashed on it and I rethought and dropped it. Blame me for that more than Inner Modra!


Actually catching up, PP2 makes a good point above on creating pools of 8, less tracks to work through at once would cut down delays on voting

But still, I’m not hiding in the dunny at a family bbq just to listen to em


I remember on one of John Safran’s shows where he approached a Christian music label with his pitch for an all Jew boy band. He sang a few lines from his song and the chorus was “we’re going down down down to Jew town. The A & R fellow politely declined.


Great story, Zim. :joy:


The voting problem could easily be solved using the same system we do with DJ King. Say there are 30 participants - the first 20 (25, whatever) votes count, the rest are discarded. Gives us a buffer should anyone be caught up with ‘life’.

Also agree with Yoss about ‘make the deadline, stick to it’.






I’ve mocked JAMC publicly before, but I have tickets and this one’s ok so Yes


Agree with this too, I left it off my spiel earlier, once set, everyone gets over it till it’s time. Then in the spirit of DJ King, flame away.

24 hours is too short, but we don’t need 5 days either.


OK, that’s 7.

Rock, thrash metal, electronica, shoegaze have been checked off. Where to go now with this unexpected set? Here’s an oldie for the BD boy in this thread who enjoys sampling (think this one contains 72 samples).


New year, new me?







Yeah, I like this.


Yes. Nice one mate.


How’d they clear 72 samples?


There are a few funk samples in there, Decks. Your ear prolly picked up on them.