The reining DJ King (Mk VI) is need of a manicure


Dunno. WhoSampled claims 20 samples, but on Top of the Pops, the host mentioned 72.


I like the groove.
Also - the homage to the Mission impossible theme - which was once in 4/5 timing.


“Thunderbirds are go…”


Top song. YES


I recognised a lot of samples, but it didn’t really do it for me. Sorry John. No for this one.




Blake says "Yes"


Inbred hick suits you digs.




Gwen Stefani say “Howdy”




Here is a track for a bloke who I felt unnecessarily beat up on himself yesterday. Was gunna go with Phil K’s DJ Re-Edit on the Renaissance Therapy Sessions compo, but will stick with the original. Melbourne’s own, NuBreed. And an article in the Rage (from 2004) about them.

If I am booted after this breaks track, @Diggers @wimmera1 @mrjez haven’t had a spin since Nov 2018, so first in can have a go.


Just got Youtube music playback working on a Raspberry PI based server so I can listen to DJ King tracks on my main system. This track sounds very good JR. So yes!


Haha love it. One of my fav tracks and fav artists of that era.

I have this record as an old DMC promo white label.

Big yes!


My fav song of the comp was the Mission of Burma post-punk number that Socks played.


It was heavily implied that you should say one of mine, but yes, alright.


woah actual songs are being posted up again.


I’d spin Sonique, but I reckon you have already played ‘It Feels So Good’.


yeah i think that set was sonique then caravan palaace then free tibet


NuBreed NuYES