The reining DJ King (Mk VI) is need of a manicure




Damn, now when I listen to music, it’s not just would this be good for DJ thread. Now you have to categorise, normal DJ or comp DJ. :crazy_face:


Neil Young and Devo was my favourite. It was a glorious trashing of the song and I’d never heard it.

Chris Stapleton - Nobody to blame is worth a mention. I’m not into much country but it was very well done. I was surprised how much I enjoyed it and gave votes.

I’m disappointed nobody noticed that I labelled Poontang’s Fitroy Poet (Dark side of the Poon). Was looking to cash in on the Pink Floyd love :smile:


I’d be hopeless at categorising the songs. I’d previously considered playing Bagboy but figured nobody would give it a yes. Perhaps my cheerleading helped :blush:


It certainly didn’t do any harm. thanks for cheering for the bagboys.


Were you a fan prior? Great band, I’ve almost played That’s When I Reach For My Revolver in here before.


Nah. One of those bands that slipped through the cracks. I enjoyed the song enough to dig further. Hope you will spin the Revolver song someday.


Relaxing enough. Yes.


Neil Young, Devo was a cut version I wasn’t game to play the full version due to short attention span.




I searched for the full (briefly) but couldn’t find it. As it was it was magnificent.


Chris Stapleton is one of those artists that while he is labelled country, he leans towards blues a fair bit. Did a duet on “Say Something” with Justin Timberlake as well.


That makes sense. Might have appealed to my early Beasts of Bourbon sensibilities. They’re a fair bit dirtier but do the country blues very well.


free yes


No to, Nu Breed.


My favourite song was JR’s Elsie (Divinyls) in the final…I’d not heard it before and just loved it.

In terms of something completely new to me, then I’d have to say Hambo’s choice of Cyboogie by King Gizzard


General feedback…loved the whole concept (just wish the voters had better taste in music…I mean, who doesn’t love a 20 minute opus by Rush) and can’t wait for the second series.

As others have said, maybe tighten up the voting times…rules set in place at the start of the comp so that everyone knows from the outset what they can/can’t/must do.

Don’t like the idea of “conferences” as I think that would make it even easier to guess who certain songs are by which takes away from the anonymity (especially in the early rounds)

Apart from the set time limits, then avoid going all “AFL” with a whole bunch of new rules…it worked pretty damn well overall so the concept doesn’t need much tinkering.

I’m happy to have a turn as admin as long as people can accept that the time difference here in Perth impacts when I am online.

Overall rating 9/10 (one mark deleted for overall acceptance of poor voting form from the majority of you JR & Decks excepted)


I loved it and can’t wait for part 2.

I like the money idea from @Diggers. It is unworkable though considering how competitive it got without cash involved. I envisage it would get real ugly.



@Deckham reminds me of Robbo.