The reining DJ King (Mk VI) is need of a manicure


I agree with @swoodley, I don’t think the competition needs to be tinkered much yet. It was a definite success and no need to go AFLX on it. I thought whoever came up with the idea is a genius just personally…

My thoughts:

Reckon @JohnRain and @mrjez did a fantastic job with the admin side so hope they continue in the role.

Loved all the strategy with voting and different song ideas and mixing different styles in, increased the element of fun.

I think blind votes is a really silly idea, let’s see who votes what. Maybe remove the in progress vote tally for rounds until the final score as a possibility.

Also hope that this comp doesn’t get monetized, I think this is about fun and competition and not about money. I think when money comes into it the fun decreases and the competitiveness goes into nasty territory.

I enjoyed most songs overall but will keep complaining because it’s fun to rile up people.


Ouch that’s quite a sledge.


Also have no idea what the strategy was behind @Preliminary_Point2’s song choice in the final, for that weird song that got like 5 votes, he could have won it if not for that!


I think he got a case of the “Neon Leon’s”

Just couldn’t perform on the big stage…poor guy…he’ll probably never get over this

RIP PP2 :cry::cry::cry:




Some good no nonsense feedback coming in there, thanks guys.

Keep it pretty much as it is.
Set a schedule up front.
Tight but not too tight voting time frames.
Possible holding off of score updates during rounds?


Just like dudes running it from Japan!


Nothing like it at all…there’s a massive, in fact some would call it the massivest, one hour time difference


Yes for the song.


Yeah, I’m gutted.


Yeah I F’d that up.

Underworld was good, but the squirrel grips didn’t quite hit the mark :joy:



Good to see some (charitable) love for a Melbourne breaks crew.




Layne Staley remains one of my all time favourite vocalists. He had such a hauntingly beautiful voice. I wanted to play the live MTV Unplugged version of this song, but it is just too sad watching Layne struggling with his heroin addiction (he still sang amazingly well, though). Layne & Jerry complement each other wonderfully throughout this song.


A bit too nasally Nirvana for me, but have a yes for the atmosphere.


Hell Yes.

Sad Layne is no longer with us but looking forward to seeing AIC at Download Festival next month. Anyone else going?


Have you listened to the new song they released last year?

p.s. I’ve only listened to the lead single (The One You Know) they released, not the full album, Rainier Fog.


Shut up, Robbo.


It’s almost definitely just me but this song has an America vibe to it. Not to any particular song of their’s just that it reminds me of them.



Yes, though the Unplugged version craps on this one. Have never liked the production on Dirt - that horrible gated reverb on the snare!
I’ve liked the previous two post-Layne AIC albums, but Rainier Fog is just a little one-paced and…erm… I dunno… lacking something for me.