The reining DJ King (Mk VI) is @wimmera... taking DJ's to hell with country


HaHa knew Bagboy was you but not Gangnam style


Congrats JR, well done


It was just for giggles.


That one was for Dad (Rain Senior) who sadly passed away yesterday after a 15-month long battle with cancer. Dad loved music & had a massive vinyl collection back in the day.

Thanks everyone for your participation, songs & most importantly the salty banter. It was a great distraction & source of much laughter. You are the best. Cheers.


1st: JohnRain - 79
2nd: Wimmera - 60
3rd: Robin - 56
4th: PP2 - 44
5th: Hambo - 33
6th: KFC - 27

Thank you to the 20 voters.


Thanks to the vote talliers too!


For you and your dad @JohnRain


And the ultimate sob story to close it out!

But seriously sorry for your loss mate. Unbelievable that you were still here so much, hope the comp gave you what you needed the past few days.

Hope you stay strong over the coming days.


Oh ■■■■ dude. So sorry to hear that. Hope you and the family are going ok.


Congrats @JohnRain

You truly are the king of kings!


Fantastic effort by all the DJ’s, well done. As the inaugural Blond DJ winner, I think it should fall to @JohnRain to either take up the mantle of DJ or nominate our next spinner.


Look after yourself and the family, JR. thoughts are with you at this time.


Could not find a more deserving winner. This ones for your Dad!



Congrats and sincere condolences mate for your sad loss.


So…when do we send our songs in for season 2?

And who do we send them to?


Merda! I thought Elsie was Wim’s selection?

Well done, Johnny and a round of applause also to those who helped with the admin.


The best DJ won! Well done @JohnRain :slight_smile:


Thanks, mate. Have run out of likes again (the bane of my existence on Blitz).

Thanks for all the well wishes. Your support is much appreciated.

Not me. :rofl:

Hard to revert to the original form of the game now.

Dad’s fav band was Queen. And all of you are champions, so…


Good track, Wim.