The reining DJ King (Mk VI) is @wimmera... taking DJ's to hell with country


I couldn’t vote, but really enjoyed:

Underworld - the tense build was great, I’d never heard that song before.

Pixies - I’ve avoided all their reunion stuff after hearing a few tame tunes, but this had lots of classic Pixies in there.

Divinyls - some tasty post-punk guitars in there, sounds like they were big Siouxsie and the Banshees fans early days.

King Gizzard - vocoder love

Tool - hadn’t heard that in years, just a belter of a tune.


Thanks for all your help over the w/end, Jez-san. Enjoy those beers tonight.


I like it.
The right length for that sort of song, too.


Congrats to Johnny Rain!!


Cheers, it’s a tough gig at times!
Run out of likes, but congrats and yep, off to the pub soon.


So what happens now?

Does somebody have to try and do a normal set?

Edit: @JohnRain has the seat, I guess. Either spin, or pick a DJ to spin would be the go I reckon.


Thanks, man.

You can treat Queen as my first song & vote on that.


Reckon @Diggers gets to play on the anniversary of DJ King on the 18th. Other than that, I do not know.


Ah, I missed that.







Reckon I can claim kiss of death status in round 2, I voted for 6-10 and 12, and almost in backwards order too!

Another yes for @JohnRain with sympathy and praise.


Well my ‘countdown’ idea was about as popular as my first round of songs, so I guess letting Diggers spin will be enough celebration.




Yes absolute classic song


I must have missed that. What was the idea?


Yes yes yes


That reads as 7-0 by my count @JohnRain, give us another


Season 2 - I hope it’s a long, long way away. I need time to recover.

The past couple of weeks have been nerve racking, particularly this weekend. Happy to admit I lost it and the worst of my competitive side came out. In case it wasn’t blatantly obvious.

Maybe I’ll just admin next time, becuase I’m not ready to go through that again.


The point at which the ST crossed over from their punk origins and went full steam ahead into the thrash metal genre (bl*ody Vevo and their censorship).