The reining DJ King (Mk VI) is @wimmera... taking DJ's to hell with country


That’s a classic baker critique, right there.


It’s just so ubiquitous on all hair-metal from the mid 80’s to early 90’s, and it dates things something shocking!


free yes


I love the Unplugged version as well. If you watch it carefully, you see Jerry nod to the other band members & look towards Layne on a few occasions. I reckon the band were worried about him pre-show, as Layne was absolutely FUBAR on heroin that night, but he still destroyed it.

I enjoyed ‘The One You Know’ but not enough to rush out & buy Rainier Fog. Cheers for your thoughts on it.


Always a yes for AiC. That album is killer.


Don’t let me sway you. It’s not awful, but there’s no Looking In View, or Your Decision, or Phantom Limb on it… Maybe it’ll grow on me…


That was horrible. I can deal with the production shortcomings that Bakes pointed out but the laboured and overcomplicated song structure doesn’t work and it’s way too long and boring. Also it’s a crap song. no


I have Dirt programmed into my car stereo & play it when stuck in horrendous traffic jams here in Tokyo. I even glare at other commuters while belting out the lyrics karaoke style. They soon look away. :grin:


Boo. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


You drive in Tokyo? F that!


Around 200 kms per day.


Eep. I’d have gone postal and murdered someone. Not sure belting out AiC would stop it either :wink:


I’ve had my Michael Douglas ‘Falling Down’ moments.


Still, it’s very nice of you to offer to schlep my wife and I around Tokyo later this year. Very nice indeed… :sunglasses:


Oh, sheet, I was honestly planning to PM you about that (after spotting it in the travel thread), but it slipped my mind.


All good, you’ve had a fair bit going on lately. I understand you could overlook something like that.




All right, yes


Irrelevant yes.
And I love their Voices from a few years ago.
Friggin’ love it.


These Brisbane lads went alright back in the day. Stranded…