The reining DJ King (Mk VI) is @wimmera... taking DJ's to hell with country


Terrible singing.
But I like it.


I almost played a Powder Monkeys song then, but shelved it thinking ‘Decks will hate the vocals, play The Saints instead’. Same outcome. Ha.


My ‘no’s’ are rare.


Tim Hemensley of the Powder Monkeys was once in God. You gave me a ‘no’ for My Pal, criticising the vocals (although I can’t be sure that it wasn’t Joel), hence my reservation. I remember all your ‘no’ votes, mate. Not so rare. :grin:




Yes to stranded.


They could actually do something with that riff, if they weren’t completely pox. I take heart the knowledge that they probably don’t exist anymore.

No John. No.




This is rare but I agree with @Deckham here @JohnRain. Those vocals are pox.





Yes to Stranded. Vocals suit the song perfectly for me.

Re: AIC Dirt. One of the most brilliantly depressing albums ever. Yes I’ve got a list.




Maybe they just fell rare, then. I remember little hahaha.
I do know that I often think a track is sub-par to me and still give it a yes, because I want to hear more from the player.


So you like rewarding mediocrity… reckon you’re in the right place! :laughing:



Anyway yes to stranded. Absolute classic. And yes to Powder Monkeys. (Pretty sure JS was vocals on My Pal right?)


A 15-year-old Joel from memory.


Jumping in the car. Here is a tune the little fella loves singing along to and often requests when I’m driving.


Dis is @JohnRain’s house!!! yes


Close to playing this in Blonde DJ. Yes. Shoulda coulda