Just don’t see where our form will turn around, where it will come from. Stringer and Shiel along with Hep have been our best, defence has been good too.

But we are not kicking enough goals, no where near enough, gettin very very few from our mids as well.
Merrett has another gear in him, Zaharakis has blown his gearbox and can’t get it into gear.

Tippa has tried but looks tired at times.

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Increased Chemistry and Gellling.

(Oh, and Learnings ™ )


Can’t see us winning the next four


So people are carrying on like Mr Squiggle making up beautiful pictures of the future from very little

While you keep popping in here like Blackboard


Was anyone else well into their 30s before figuring out why the pictures had to be done upside down?


The pictures being upside down is on the list of curiosities about this show. Why did a puppet draw with his nose?

I had never thought about it, but now that I have mark me down for being 44 when I realised.

Form can be fickle. You have it in spades and then it can disappear. All with basically the same players. A lot that happens is mental.

We haven’t had it in spades for a while now.

true - if we continued on in 2019 how we played the last half 2018 you’d be pleased we had found it. But that’s not the case, and we are still scratching around to be a consistently excellent footy team. It’s frustrating for all.

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We will make finals if our best players Joe and Smith aside stay fit.

Back 6 is as good as any in the league, Midfield is getting better every week, if we can find a front 6 that can play together for a period of time then we will see a real lift.


Tigers lose Cotchin & Edwards to hamstring issues this week vs Crows.

Their position the 8 definitely is not assured, and Crows seemingly making a bit of a charge (much to Blues dismay)

Not quite, but it take until I met a puppeteer who worked on the show. Then I felt well stupid.

There was a time when going to a game was filled with confidence and a touch of arrogance because you knew Essendon were a strong, aggressive team and a win was always on the cards. There was trust, belief. Fast forward 2019 / years of demoralising reconditioning… and confidence is replaced by uncertainty and dread with supporters laying bare their emotions in the hope of a win or improved season, but continue to be let down by an organisation lacking character and an identity of footballing worth. In keeping with the last 14.5 years, this weeks game has disappointment written all over it and any prospect of finals, extinguished.

Let’s take a deflating look at Essendon’s tale of woe since 2004, the last time they won a final…

  • 2005 - 8 wins
  • 2006 - 3.5!
  • 2007 - 10, 8 in the first 13 before Sheeds was given his marching orders
  • 2008 - 8
  • 2009 - 10.5, FINALS smashing
  • 2010 - 7
  • 2011 - 11.5, another FINALS smashing
  • 2012 - 11, lost the last 7 (!) because of soft tissue epidemic
  • 2013 - 14, BUT no finals (BAN)
  • 2014 - 12, should’ve won FINAL
  • 2015 - 6, sh_t hit the fan
  • 2016 - 3, gap year
  • 2017 - 12, FINALS smashing
  • 2018 - 12, Worsfold’s first year of coaching :grinning:
  • 2019 - ?

Since 2011, on only 2 occasions did Essendon have less than 11 wins (just enough to keep people sort of interested). What odds they win under 11 this year? Wow, 4 finals appearances in 14 years! What the hell happened!? It’s like “they” shovelled the essence of what made the club great, and replaced it with a hot, steaming pile of caca!


Just shows that Worsfold hasn’t been too bad IMO.


Yeah this doesn’t exactly support the sack Woosha argument. Hasn’t worked the other times they’ve done it.

He is running at a bit over 51% ( leaving aside the gap year) Thats way below Thompson in 2014 and below Hird 2011-2013

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Confidence aka: entitlement.

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But he’s also going through a rebuild after coming off a period of draft penalties, senior player exodus to other clubs & many retirements.

This seems to be constantly skipped over.

They weren’t. The team was primed. We should have won a flag through Hird’s time but for the…


hard to believe that’s over 6 years ago. Still feels like we are just coming out of it.
Imagine if it didn’t happen. In that 6+ years, with the list, and the coaches… what could have / should have been… sigh