Things will just click then we wont lose a game. :upside_down_face:

It’s 4 of our last 29 games total. Not just 29 games against 18th placed teams. We’ve lost to the bottom of the ladder 4 times in 18mths. Soon to be 5. It’s ■■■■■■■ diabolical for a side that’s supposed to be contending for finals!

My apologies, I thought you meant 4 times out of 29 vs 18th teams.

Yes, it’s bad. Should we lose, I expect us to beat GWS here on a thursday night.

Poor @bltn - makes a thread about finals and says let’s not make it an essendon bashing thread. Lo and behold, the direction of this thread was as predictable as essendon losing to carlton this weekend.


I think you made a mistake, this belongs in the VFL section…

No, this is a serious thread about ALL teams vying for Finals(incl.Ess), or Top 4, or the bona fide Flag Contenders.
I’m guessing you didn’t read much of the OP.


I’ve always asked myself this

Then look like a ■■■■■■■ idiot when it happens

Yes, I did say that didn’t I ?
Here is a screen shot of it for those who missed it…


Reasoned & rational thinking / posting a rarity in these parts

You pretty much poked the bear

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I want this on a hat.


get a tattoo.

West Coast, Adelaide, Fremantle and Gold Coast…all away. We will be lucky to win 1 of those. We aren’t beating Collingwood who will cranking up for the finals. GWS will be a tough one too.

Unfortunately we are gone. That St Kilda game…then the Sydney and Collingwood games being bend over by the umpires…have put a full stop to it.

12 wins and a decent percentage should* be enough looking at how the ladder is shaping up. All of Port, Adelaide and Brisbane are the sides most vulnerable but clearly not all three will miss out. The Lions the most likely to hold on IMO, notwithstanding their kids really run out of gas after a really big pre-season and early season focus. Aside from winning the games we should win, we’ll need to find ~10% so will need to really put away a couple of sides in the run home.

Would be a long shot from here but every chance we’re in the 8 at some stage with winnable games ahead of us and a chance to cling on. Trouble is, if we do sneak in we’ll have spent so many petrol tickets getting there again that we’ll be all but cooked and end up getting flogged by whoever we play.


Hawks, syd, north , Gold Coast, dogs, port are all ones we can win providing our personal is in tact, pinch one against freo away or Adelaide and we can get to 12 wins, should be enough to sneak into the 8 this year


If we can find ~5-10%. Unfortunately even if we did the above then we’ll likely cop a final against one of Richmond, Collingwood or potentially West Coast away…

Confident both those side will finish in the 4, tigers 5/6th . With a touch of luck brissie away would be our best bet.

we’re gonna need all that luck just to sneak in…

Who needs luck when the AFL are only too willing to help…

Adelaide v Richmond
Essendon v Hawthorn
Freo v Port

Big week.

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Things aren’t looking so bad. No injuries yesterday it seems.

Get some key ins for hawks game. Should be 2-1 for next 3 and be 7-7 which would have us banging down the door.

VFL team is flying too.

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