Still not sold on Tichmond making the eight.
They should, from there, but I wouldn’t put my money on it.

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They are certs for the 8. Play enough games at the G to sew it up, where they are utterly imperious. That said, could lose this week!

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That’s a rosey outlook… you reckon we’re winning 2 out of Hawthorn, West Coast and GWS?

Funnily enough I actually think we are half a chance against gws in a few weeks, than get rolled by Sydney fmd,
West coast after a 6 day break is farkt

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It helps that it’s in Melbourne, where GWS aren’t great, but we’ll be long odds.

Bleating about a 6 day break going to Perth is ridiculous. Everyone gets 6 day breaks. Talk about making excuses before it’s happened.


Yes. They’ve lost to one Victorian side there in their last 37 games at that venue. They are just too good on their home patch.

Have you seen those superannuation ads?
Particularly the bit at the end?

No bleating or making excuses here, didn’t say it was unfair just said it’s farkt we face the premiers on they’re home deck with one of our short breaks. Is what it is

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I think I know the ones you’re talking about. I fail to see how they are in any way relevant or indicative of Richmond’s ridiculous record at home.

It’s barely even a short break. 5 day is the new 6 day.

The top 6 should all easily get in.

Although Brisbane’s kids may become weary as season rolls on. But they’ve got a pretty easy run home.

We are right in the mix for last 2 spots

We should have easily won 2 more games however (Saints/Swans) and be in top 4 calculations which stings


Please remember that past performance may not be indicative of future results.


I’m not even thinking about finals unless we win atleast 2 of our next 3.
Whilst it was good to win yesterday, for the majority of the first half we still looked like a disorganised rabble and a bottom 2 side.
Think we can take the Hawks but would need a hell of a lot of improvement to get near the Coker’s or Giants


After the weekends results the Footy Forecaster predictor now has us finishing 9th on 11 wins

I don’t think we can beat the hawks unless Shiel and Stringer, Fantasia comeback in.

Yesterday’s win was nothing special and if playing a better side would have beaten us with that first half face it.

Still same problems at selection table, same old players gifted games, experimenting players in positions they aren’t good in, poor development with our kids and game plan is rubbish without any option b and utilising it on game day.

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Amazing how upbeat people can get after a win. Its kind of like falling in love again and you are both in severe state of fukstruckicity and cannot see the forest for the trees.

To bring us back to earth with a thud, do you honestly think on yesterdays performance we are good enough to play finals? The answer is a big fat NO. That’s if you are being truthful.


Hum… I miss fukstruckcity

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I understand your pessimism but in years gone by we lose that game. Wet + a Struggling Carlton = disaster game.

Was good to grind one out especially considering how many players are missing and 3 of them are due back for the next match.

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