Heaps of people saying 11 wins won’t get you finals. Did a ladder predictor and had freo eighth on 11. Doable for us but we’d need to get them on percentage.

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With the closeness of the entire comp its definitely possible this year.

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Footy Forecaster has us in on 11 wins.
The forecast is for a 3 pt win this Friday.

Stringer, Fantasia, Shiel…

We’re not getting blown out of games by any means, we’re just short on class right now.

Lost 3? games by small margins.


Form lift has to come from.

  • Clarke playing and the oppositions best mid not cutting us up.
  • Shiel
  • Fantasia and stringers inclusion
  • Parish winning lots of ball in the middle and Mcgrath elevating their games.

I have us sneaking into the 8 or just missing.

Would tip us against Hawks, but not confident next couple of weeks

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So two scenarios. Either we miss the 8, or we limp into 8th just in time for our interstate final smashing. Awesome!

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If you discount the GWS game, we have an average losing margin of 15 points.

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That game was an aberration. I still don’t know how or why, but we were NOT ready to start the JLT Series the day of JLT1 and we were still not ready to play Round 1. Not saying we would have won against GWS but the St Kilda game was one that would have been winnable if we were ready to play.
That lack of preparation must be due to coaching/fitness staff mistakes and there needs to be a review into it at the club.


Stats can be misleading a bit to. The Richmond one was the worst for me. Got absolutely pantsed by their B grade side and it was only them putting the cue in the rack that stopped it being a 10 goal loss

Given both sides were missing key players, am not sure that’s a fair description.

It definitely was a poor game from us in a lot of areas, but at the same time the wet weather was a pretty key factor - it suited them and hurt us. I honestly think we would’ve done them on a dry day/night.

Has this actually been even close to the biggest problem this year?

Most of our losses it’s half backs (Rampe, Houli, Tom Stewart) who kill us.

GWS game aside.

I reckon one of our own half backs has done a good job of killing us on multiple occasions… Hit a ■■■■■■■ target Mckenna!


It was a 1-3 goal margin for most of the game. Was never going to be 10 goals.

Has been well down.

You mean apart from when they led by over 6 goals at 3/4 time?
Could easily have turned into a 10 goal loss

The 2 interesting points from the Richmond game was that 1, we came good in the last qtr when the weather dried up & our ball handling was a lot better & 2, Dylan Clarke should have been a monty to play on Martin, he’s a bit of a water rat (one of our few) & showed the following week on Cripps he was well & truly ready.
I think we still would have lost though, just by less.

Was a kick or two before they kicked away in the second half of the 3rd, we peeled it back to 3-4 goals in the second half of the 4th.

Hence “most of” the game.

Was never going to be 10 goal margin in those conditions. Richmond barely looked like kicking 10.

This will definitely prepare the boys for Finals Glory.

bar one game, stringer and shiel have been apart of the first half of the season team that struggled for form, how does having them back magically find this jump in performance aceman was alluding to ?

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