I don’t think we’re expecting rain on Saturday?


I believe there is a gloomy outlook…


I think they should. Seeing we want to move away from Pokies & diversify income streams, …it might be a nice little earner on the side.

I know a lot of blokes that are always in the market for a good finial.

Just bought these ones for the latest job, and they do not come cheap, I tell ya, …



I think I agree. All of a sudden North and Adelaide look like very tough opponents. This week prob not só much.

And if he isnt back for fremantle and Collingwood we are boned if not already.


That would be 1 Rampe goal poster and 1 Collingwood umpire stitch up out of top 4.



Also, just one straighter kick for goal out.


Storm in a teacup, I reckon.


I know, I know I am semi illiterate. I type to fast and don’t read over it before posting, But you all know what I mean.:wink:


Never mind the spelling - just hope you’ve got a thick skin & a good sense of humour. :blush:


Yeah nah.


Sunny days ahead then.


I think we are still building as a team and our best footy for the season is still ahead.

Guys like Lav, Baguley, Clarke, Gleeson are starting to get games under their belts.

Obviously Belly going down has somewhat stemmed that momentum


You’d wanna correct this, very quickly !


That’d be semi-literate… and yes, I am aware of the irony of pointing this out.


Oh yep definitely a typo.


Baguley in the VFL is helping us build in the AFL


Squiggle now predicting 8th spot. 3/7/2019
This is based on 4 more wins together with Freo and Port dropping out.


Whats the best we can hope for?

Swans; 1
North 2
Adelaide yeh. nah maybe
Port 4 at Marvel. Its Ports waterloo
WB 5
Freo 6 Optus 50/50 game
Collingwood …

July is season defining.


Bookies have us in the 8 too. Man we better bury Sydney.


Yeah, I’m not too sure about this Squiggle Predictor…


I’ve been saying all along that 11.4 wins will get us in.


I just did the Squiggle Predictor inputting the results myself.
Even just giving Collingwood 1 more win against the Suns, I couldn’t get those F*CKS to miss the 8 on 11 wins because of the abject shiteness of Freo & Port.