The games where we had the ball and used it well, and the other mob chased us.

Its simply a matter of whether the way we want to play or the way our opponents let us play results in a greater score for us than them. Like Deckham, I hate it when people like King beat up some isolated statistic, distort it and reckon all the problems of Essendon are caused by this.

Why don’t they all just say: “the better team on the day won the game” and leave it at that.

It gives ‘stats’ in footy a bad rep. The more you deceive your audience like that, the less they consider your opinion. Or at least, I wish it worked that way.

Dont care about the graph. But no doubt our pressure and work rate has been very inconsistent.

Look, normally I’d write a long refutation (or at least a spirited repudiation), but if anyone’s going to have a strong grasp of causative effects and statistics, it’s Jono ‘the wonk’ Brown. If it wasn’t for the distraction of his football career, I think we all know he’d be a Fields Medallist by now.


So all we have to do is beat Richmond, Adelaide away, West Coast away and then Geelong?


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Western Bulldogs 2016

  • WC away
  • Hawks at G
  • GWS away
  • Swans at G

We may not get the same umpire assistance they did!

The other thing is that they never had to travel 2 weeks running. I’d be interested to know if there’s ever been a Melbourne team that has won two consecutive finals on the road. I’m sure there might be one, I just can’t think of it

Clarko scoffs at your predictions!


What does he think about my Prediction for them next week ?

He read the first one, tore it up, called you up on the phone and screamed at you like you were a junior football umpire.

In degree of difficulty order and it’s now a moving target

IMO should look like this:

Eagles L
Giants W
Hawks W

4 games based on current form we should win and 4 others that are 50:50 to underdog.

Winning interstate against other teams fighting for finals is still the hardest challenge.

Pies form maybe terrible atm but with their draw it is likely R23 they will be playing for top 4 or home final.

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Port winning today may have stuffed us unless we can jag another unexpected win.

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If we can do the job against them at Marvel, we should get over them.

They have some difficult games, and their consistency in effort wavers from week to week.
I doubt they achieve 12 wins if they lose to us.

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Norf best Saints then us and we go below them.

Can’t see us making it unless we win next week.

Depending on % - North win tomorrow and against us, then we’re on equal points.

We will clearly win the flag. 14 wins in H&A season.



Hard to win the flag from 10th spot. Bulldogs won it from 7th, cant remember the last team to win the flag when they finished the H&A in 10th spot.

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Make finals for what? Scrap into 8th and get smashed by +10 goals in the first Elim? Nah mate, I’ve seen this movie before.


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