At this stage i’d take it.


On a positive note, GWS will be more than happy to trade with us again after the receive a top 5 pick this year.

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Would you give Shiel back and reverse the deal?

Yes. Not because Shiel isn’t worth it, but because I would rather start rebuilding with kids. Scrap it and start again.

I’m a little bit the opposite. I didn’t like the deal when we made it but now i can see him being a huge part of our midfield over the next few seasons.

I would have liked us to deal with them a little more goodwill considering the amicable dealings we had the year before.
Didn’t like Dodoro’s cheap shot in the interview afterwards re GWS having a crap season this year to ensure the 2nd Rounder coming back to be a better number.
It smacks of sour grapes, and karma has now bitten him on the ar*e.

Dodoro’s cheap shots aside, what deal would you have done? The 2 picks outright without their second coming back? That was the sticking point and it seemed fair to me. I’m glad he didn’t cave on that.

*for what it’s worth i think McCartney was a little difficult too. Might still be ■■■■■■ about the Stringer deal.

What’s a final?


Not sure that’s really how the deal played out. It’s a nicer headline to suggest the Bombers were up to their old tricks again but it’s not reality.

The moment Shiel nominated us everything GWS did was to try and maximise their trading position for a contracted player. They cleared as much salary cap space as possible (bye bye Scully for nix and out goes Setterfield quick smart) to ensure they had the space to retain Shiel if necessary and squeeze us for all they could. They played it to a tee and we were never getting him for any less than what we paid in the end. Dodoro knew full well what they were trying to do and did his best to minimise the damage.


It was nothing to do with that. They just wanted to maximise the value for a contracted player who had asked to be traded. And clearly for Shiel that value was significant.

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Weve lost something like 6 of the last 7 against 18th placed. It’s not that surprising if we lost.

it’s 4 in about 29 games.

I’m not a gambler, I would certainly never back against my team. I’m kind of funny like that.

Righto, let’s play this out from a macro perspective then, another year, the same as 2018 and pretty similar to 2017. Puts us squarely in mid table obscurity - what/where does that place us in terms of what should be the only real objective - pushing for the top four?

When the best case scenario is a repeat of the last two years with minimal development of younger players - what’s the point?

same same

If guys like Parish, Langford, Guelfi, Begley, Parish etc carry us to the finals?

Then yes its a massive win.

Absolutely, if we draft Parish’s brother tonight and the two of them combine with the others to carry us to the finals it is a huge win.

What part of our exposed form makes you think we’ll even pick those guys every week, much less win 8 of 12 to make the finals off the back of it?

That’s mediocre mid table obscurity here thanks, … :smirk:

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Recently, 5 out of 6. So 4 in 29 isn’t correct either.

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Wait, this is a serious thread about us making the finals…wow.

Have you not seen us play this year???