Dogs over Cats and Port over Crows has 5 of our last 7 games looming as 8 pointers. If Pies continue their slide it could be 6 of last 7. Looks like a well scripted road home for us.


I honestly don’t understand why people are so focussed on making the 8 as an end in itself.

We may or may not make the 8; we certainly should, considering the draw that we have for the remainder of the season.

But the problem is that if we’re still playing the kind of football when the finals come that we’re playing now, we will be out of it after the first week.

We are not going to have anything even vaguely resembling a successful season unless we start playing good football and continue it for the rest of the year. We’ve played ■■■■ football all year and we’re still playing ■■■■ football, and we have no hope of beating Geelong or Richmond or West Coast, or any halfway decent team interstate, while we’re playing ■■■■ football like this.

We’ve stumbled into the 8 before and been murdered. I have no interest at all in having that happen again.


I would hate to see us lose another elimination final by more than 10 goals.

But we’re not gonna get a higher first round draft pick this year for finishing lower.

With the bye round at the end of season, might as well keep the dream alive for an extra 2 weeks.


I know we are flaky but with the talent on our list I’m always optimistic that one day it will click.
There’s no one in that current top 8 that we should fear.


The club will claim making the finals as some sort of victory. Most likely use it to sell memberships next year.

I was disappointed we didn’t make finals last year but I at least felt like we made some big strides forward in the brand of football we played and was optimistic we were a team on the rise.

This year I feel we have gone backwards and the only reason we are competing for a place in the 8 is because the rest of the comp has been ordinary as well.


So this is a very good point you make. I assume every coach needs to be sacked because they’re all ordinary? Or is there maybe more to it than that?


How other sides perform shouldn’t effect the way we play.

Every side is at a different stage of development.

Using Sydney as an example, they have been playing finals regularly for the last 20 years and have no right to be playing good footy. Yesterday they smashed us everywhere but the scoreboard and had a considerably younger side. They are rebuilding on the fly and showed more than us yesterday.

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GWS v Brisbane today. Winner goes into top 4. It means that we are only one game out of 5th spot. Last year we were hanging on for dear life and the 8 was in the distance. This year anything can happen, and we are in control of our destiny. Yesterday wasn’t pretty, but we found a way. I want our performances to improve, but if we can just keep grinding out wins and give ourselves a chance that’s all we can ask for.


The fact we’re gritting our wins while playing nowhere near our best is a great sign. Our defence is keeping us in games that otherwise would’ve been blow outs in years gone by. If we do play finals this year, we’ll be coming in with winning form and I think this year any team that makes the 8 could win it as the Comp is so even.


3 wins off second spot wow!

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On the surface it looks that way… but we’re playing a much more defensive game, which, to be fair, we needed to. Once we click offensively it could look very different.


Agree. We have been full turbo for wins in the past. Winning pretty. Some people have trouble seeing us scrap out a win against a side that played well against us and owned us for most of the game. We stayed with them and it did not look pretty but we got the job done. I am not expecting a Westcoast vs Freo result by us each week. By the look the draw if we make the finals we deserve to play there and should be competitive.


We’re actually a consistent, honest team now

We’ve been turned over 3 times, by IMO the best 3 teams in it

Otherwise we’ve been “in” every game.

Beaten all the “should win” bottom sides.
Lost one or two to sides around the same mark as us.


From round 8 onwards last year we were very good defensively. We had the right mix I thought.

Now we commit far too many numbers back leaving no one forward at times.


We have traded our first round pick, might as well play a final, at least to limit the damage GWS can do with it. Pick 9 and pick 9+ (assuming some sort of free agency or equalisation by the AFL for Carlton/Suns).


Interesting next few games involving GWS - could take a win from Lions and Tigers which would allow us to close the gap.

Lions could also get a win over Port which would help us out too.

North game is massive.

Your project this week is to trawl the North Fan forum boards for information.

{please insert obvious joke below}

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I went to that game with another Bombers supporter. The Dogs really landed on their paws with that one which was essentially a home ground advantage for them. Spotless was basically red white & blue poor Giants home supporters didn’t know what was going on. Their fault for supporting Gil’s empire expansion I guess

The Saints & Shitney SCG losses will haunt us (again)
Good teams don’t drop these early / mid season


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