All sides drop games! Cats just got done by the Dogs ffs.

Fact is, with the current injury list, we’re only a 6th-10th side. Fully fit and things would be different.


9-7 heading to Adelaide is a must for me. Then you can go there and have a “free hit” at the Crows. Win it and we are 10-7 and we have really set ourselves up nicely. North will be a lot tougher this time around than on Good Friday. Another test for us against a rejuvenated opponent.


That’s what every club does and has resulted in the lowest scoring season since whenever.


Our inability to put sides away may come back to bite us more than any individual losses, in such an even comp. Assuming we get the required wins.

Doesn’t help when sides just completely give up like GCS, that one hurt us most this week, as tiges made up heaps of %.

You can almost guarantee they won’t lie down against us in a few weeks up there.

When it’s all said and done I reckon rd22 against the pies will determine the 8.
They have 3 interstate trips (WCE, GWS, Crows) plus Tigers at the G next 5 weeks. They could easily be 1:4 over that stretch.
We will be level on games won and an early final awaits. 100,000 Anzac Day 2 last Sat of H&A!!!
Norf is our Everest.

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I’d feel a lot better about the North game if they dropped the win against the Saints today (and were 2 games behind us).

Can’t see that happening unfortunately.

You watched a different game to me then.

I thought we were clearly the better side in the first half but the forward line was not working well. Defence and Mids were on top in spite of being smashed in ruck.

Our field kicking was poor and hand balling not much better but still harder at it and too pack for the Swans.

Last Qrt we were clearly superior.


Until the last quarter we were smashed in contested possessions, uncontested possessions, clearances and inside 50’s and were totally outplayed. Despite our last quarter we still were smashed in every department except the scoreboard.

Let me guess, it didn’t look that way to the eye.

Umpires and swans own stupidity kept us in it.

Scoreboard Mr Mike

1st Qrt - 7 point up
halftime - 5 points up
3rd Qrt - 3 points down

Won game by ten,

But we were in your words

Typical of most of your posts. Hope your seeing-eye dog enjoyed the game.



Nice edit.

I said every department but the scoreboard.

Enjoy your wine.

No Joey.
No Hepps.
No Bellcho.
No Devon.
No Ambrose.
One legged Stringer.
One legged Raz.
Beat Sydney, who have towelled us up previously and coming off three wins in row - including the Eagles.

Bomberblitz: “We aRe SoOOo BaHd”

Flag 2019


Are you serious ?

Watch the farking replay, we should have been 4 goals up at Qrt time and only Qtr we lost in any sense was the third.

And Mr Mike, the game is won by kicking goals which we did.


Hope we kick more goals then.

Would be nice make finals and actually win one or two.

Almost the perfect post, however, you missed two important words at the end. :laughing:

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Friday night, Collingwood won Contested Possessions 161 - 141
Coll won Clearances 42 - 27
They even won the tackle count narrowly.

Hawthorn, however, won the I50 count 57 - 35

I’m not sure that the stats you posted about yesterday’s game are all that relevant, or a true reflection of the game.
I think it’s more an illustration of how disappointed you are with our results this season !


So that’s the winning formula.

We should be flag favourites then.

Aliir Aliir was basically the difference in the Clearance difference between the 2 sides because Clarke had no idea how to combat him.
Aliir had 8, as opposed to Clarke/McKernan a total of 2.

They won Contested ball as well, but they’ve always been strong in this area (Kennedy had 20).
They are snails in that midfield though, so we were always going to get them at some stage on the outside at the MCG.
I’m just surprised it didn’t happen sooner.

I really thought they only won the 3rd qtr, but we hung in.
Perhaps the umps assisted a little, but swings and roundabouts.
You take it when you get it !


We made up at least one of them with the GWS win. But reckon there are about 10 others clubs fans saying “that loss is going to kill us” when talking about their team in their “road to the finals” or “road to the flag” threads.

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