Fair enough.

I personally thought they dominated us for big periods of the game on the inside and on the outside.

Typically our defence stood firm yet again to save us but I thought we got smashed in the middle.

Earlier in the year we were winning lots of clearances so I’m not sure what’s happened there.

We will be ■■■■■■ against North next week I reckon. Goldstein vs Clarke
Raz and Tippa out of form at the moment.

Need to turn it into a slog. Hoping for North this is just a dead-set bounce

It’s covered in excrement and those that work there are povos?


If we don’t play better next week, we will lose.
I hope Clarke competes better with Goldstein than he did yesterday!


One game has suddenly changed everyone’s opinion of North. Their game against Collingwood last week has suddenly made them this unbeatable force… which I’m not falling for. North played really well but the Pies are hardly in top form right now and haven’t been for a while.

The preceding couple of weeks they had a routine 4 goal win over the Gold Coast & a 4 goal loss to GWS at their favourite ground (Hobart). They will record another routine win today in Hobart against a pis* poor St Kilda side.

We can beat them at a scrap and if the game opens up as our performances against them over the last three years have shown.

Our midfield absolutely decimated theirs last time we met… and that was with their best midfielder (Shaun Higgins) playing… who won’t be out there next week. Shiel and Merrett were running rings around them.

Does all that mean we are going to dominate them again next week? No… but I’ve got every confidence we can get the win again against them and I genuinely believe we’re the better outfit.

Potentially another 12 goal to 10 win coming up… which I will take.


@mattgmc87 has gone FULL Lid Off

Get excited people !


I liked your post on BigFooty so need to be consistent and like it here too :wink:

I think our backline will manage their forward line (Hooker will need to play back in this game).

What can we do about our forward line? We’re not firing and it seems we only get structure when Hooker is moved there.

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That was not a 10 to 12 goal WIN coming up.

More like we could kick 12… and they could kick 10.

The lid is still ON but I’m also a realist in that the North we are playing next week isn’t exactly the 1996 version.


I totally misread that.


Any chance Cunnington misses next week?

Current live ladder

Jeezus is it a logjam!

We’ve got North, Crows, Freo, Port & Dogs to come still who are all in that group.

Just got to keep winning


We also had Daniher come in and play ok and Raz kicking 4.

Daniher’s first game in nearly 12 months, yep. As a late change.

He kicked a couple of very good goals but was hardly at his peak.

Raz likes playing against North. Good time for him to be playing them.

.Intentional, body contact, low impact imo (based on that vision, I didn’t actually see the incident, nor do I know what happened afterwards. If the stk played had a ruptured spleen, the impact grading would probably be higher.) According to the mro table, intentional, body, low = a fine, not a suspension.

That said, Cunnington seems to do it week in week out, I wouldn’t mind the mro taking prior incidents into account and upgrading the fine into a suspension, but that won’t happen.

Edit; the ball appeared to be in play and in close proximity, so it might not even get looked at. It could be called a shepherd or a bump, rather than a strike. I’m sure the AFL will find a way to justify whatever decision they make. The guidelines have “catch-all” options (eg rough conduct) if the AFL want to go after someone who does something that is a bad look for the game, but technically isn’t against the rules. They also have the option to upgrade things using the “potential for injury” justification. However they’re only guidelines, and don’t have to be followed all the time.

NFI what the saints player was doing - seemed to be jumping past him?

Whack to the guts should = a fine IMO

Just wondering if Alir Alir is gettable for us as a ruckman. He is a good mobile player.

Forget it.
Sydney would have young talented players like him locked up.
No chance.

If we want a ruckman why would we recruit Aliir

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While that’s stating the obvious it’s also spot on as that’s basically all we can and should be doing.

Regardless of whether that gets us to finals this year or not, it’s about becoming a consistently better team for a genuine crack at a flag. On this point Worsfold is correct.


Heppell hopefully okay for next week


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