lol - I thought the same.

there are times when we get the movement right but miss the kicks, @CharlieDons highlighted a few of these on his twitter page.

Some of these hitting a target and we blow the game open. Some of them are terrible.


This is super interesting.

Obviously a lot different, but in combat sports fighters will often change camps and train with different people. The idea being you get different looks and never get too comfortable with patterns and the like.

Not sure it’s possible in footy, but it would be pretty interesting bringing in different people to train with and practice on.

wow - (I haven’t seen any of the game) some of those were horrendously bad. Do they need their eyes checked?

There was some discussion on radio today that Port have a tough run home. Haven’t had a chance to look at it yet but if that’s the case it’s even more so absolutely crucial we beat them at Marvel.

Not the easier of draws for them

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they could easily go 0-4 or 4-0 over their next month.

Combat sports makes sense. And tennis players do it by hitting up with players with a certain thing - left handed, or big topspin etc.

Maybe for footy training there has to be a penalty if you stuff up, as in you go back and you do it again if you miss a target. You get the feeling it’s do drill and if you do it well it’s a high five. Do it bad, it’s try better next time… and then move on to the next drill.

Or you have to separate them into their different squads (forwards, mids, backs) and they get instructions that the others don’t know what they are going to do.

Or maybe it’s just how a less than awesome side plays and when they do become awesome these mistakes are less common. It’s the process to get to awesomeness that is the key.

Awesomeness being what Woosha is aiming for.

Have you heard about those new fangled “Practice Matches”?

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We really want Port Adelaide to stumble, but as we know, there best can beat anybody. Let’s barrack for the Lions this weekend!

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So I guess to avoid the prospect of 3 interstate finals in a row - we are hoping for Richmond to finish 5th for an MCG elimination? Is 6th even on the table for us anymore?

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The best part us we don’t have to rely on teams to lose like last year. We’re still in a good position that if we win we’ll make it no questions asked. But we have to win and knock North out this week.


I care more about winning this week than I do finals.

Must snuff out Nths chances, I could not bear to here Nth supporters crowing next week.

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You live near both of them?


Our attacking drills should be without opponents and the desired outcome should be to not let the ball hit deck while going at full speed.
Richmond do this and it’s pretty much a shuttle run end to end.

That’s perfect training for playing against us.

Someone needs to remind Dan Richardson about this…

It’d take to long.


The Lions are the smoky. They are every bit capable of beating Port Adelaide if they play at their best.

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