North winnable
Adelaide winnable, especially seeing how Port did it using their pace
Gold Coast Extremely winnable.

Win the next 3 and we are talking about pushing for top 4.

Let’s go.


3 would be a dream
2 is a must
1 is goodnight finals

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I’d be rapt beating North and Suns - and perhaps minimal loss to % against the Crows.

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I hope they haven’t lost 3 in a row coming into our game against them

Port needed to beat us to make the finals last year and we still turned them over, in Adelaide.

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True. I think this new version of Port though is a little more resilient

Actually I take that back. Their form has yoyo’d all season

Pretty much this. Beat North this week and they are done. The next 3 games we really should be winning providing we turn up with the right mindset

The last 4 is where it’s going to get very very tough

5-2 and we’re a certainty to make finals. 9-3 finish would be pretty incredible after losing your past 2 BnF winners.

However, I’m sure we’ll slip and and go 4-3 or 3-4 and just miss again.

I have us missing on percentage and by only ~3-4%. So any game where we have the foot on the throat, we have to keep it there and push down harder. The great sides smash opponents once they have them (eg. WCE and Rich last round). We don’t - I think about Freo and Hawks especially. There is about 2-3% right there between those two games where we gave up 7 goals between those 2 games alone in the last 7-8 minutes).

I could see us beating Norf by 4-5 goals, stunning Adelaide by a similar margin, and then losing to the Suns by a kick!

GWS could easily drop 3 or all of their next 4. Now that would make the rush to the 8 manic.

Anyone who posts a pic or gif from that movie wins an instant ‘Like’ from me.
Even if (not in this case) I’ve been criticised within the body of the post !

If we finish our remaining 7 games at 5 - 2, then 13 wins could be enough for 6th and a home Final.
Any of Richmond or Collingwood (yes, Collingwood) could finish just outside the Top 4, so an MCG Final is a good chance if we get in.

It’s incredible that in 3 weeks time, at the completion of Rd.19, the Bulldogs and Collingwood could have the same record of 10 - 8.
We might be there with them, or hopefully better.

Still so much to play out.

When we were on last year and scoring more freely we would often have Fanta and Tippa leading up and as they were so dangerous they would drag defenders and either take the mark or create space behind for Stringer and Smack. This year and particularly now they both are a bit lost in the forward line and subsequently we don’t have the same space in the forward line.

Having said all that our kicking has been bad but IMO part of it is due to the crowded forward line.

Another great round of footy last weekend.
Not that the quality of football is worth getting enthused about, but the unpredictable nature of the results means the landscape changes week to week.

Top 4 looked settled a couple of weeks ago, and now 2 positions have opened right up.
In fact, I’d be surprised if Collingwood make the Top 4 from here.

If GWS can’t find something against the Tigers at the G on Sunday, their Premiership hopes plummet to almost zero IMO.
Both sides have the same opponents the following 2 weeks (Coll&Port), so it will be interesting to see where they are at the end of this 3 week patch.

There are some new challengers to the lower spots in the 8.
Whilst they are coming from a long way back at 7-8, NM and the WB are playing some great footy.
The Kangas will probably fall short even if they defeat us, as their draw is difficult.
The Bulldogs, however, have a very winnable 3 weeks in front of them.
Every chance to be 10 - 8 in 3 weeks time, and will still be in the race when we play them.

Freo aren’t gone yet, but they’re close.
I suspect the Hawks will roll them in Tassie.

The 2 SA teams are interesting.
Port flogged the Crows on the weekend, yet I still feel that Port’s spot is the one we will take in the 8, assuming we defeat them at Marvel, and manage to get to 12 wins.
Whilst the Crows look vulnerable again, their immediate draw looks far easier than Port’s.
Unless we can beat the Crows in a couple of weeks, I don’t see how they miss the 8.

Some absolutely ripping games coming up.
WCE taking % off Collingwood would be nice.
Hawks to win again against Freo.
50/50 games…Ess v NM, Rich v GWS, PA v Bris


That is about our most frustrating thing of our game

Man, I just want to get excited and get “the feels” about playing finals again…

I have such strong and great memories of the 1990’s and 2000’s as a kid / teenager - I remember the weather warming up as we come out of August and into September, watching us nervously on the TV with chips and cordial in hand as we (usually) dominated our opponents, watching Hird, Misiti, Mercuri, Fletcher, Lloyd, Lucas and co. take us further into September - then after the game going outside with my footy and taking shots at goal, coming down from the high of a win or escaping the pain of a loss.

Would love to experience that again - man, it’s been a long time.


One week at a time my friend.

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One decade at a time my friend.


I know, I know. I’m all about one week at a time.

Your post about the games and permutations got me excited and nostalgic.

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